Poster Session III

Thursday, 28th July

ONLINE Poster Presentation

A – Liquid Crystals in Biology and Active Matter

PA.019 – “ViscoeIasticity of DNA Liquid crystalsL. Lucchetti; T.P. Fraccia; G. Nava; T. Turiv; F. Ciciulla; L. Bethge; S. Klussmann; O. Lavrentovich; T. Bellini.

PA.020 – “Optimizing Anisotropy of Liquid Crystal Elastomers Bio-inks for Dynamic 3D-LCE Printable ScaffoldsM.E. Prévôt; S. Ustunel; G.A.R. Rohaley; R.J. Clements; E. Hegmann.

PA.021 – “Elastic spectra for structurally chiral finite slabJ.A. Reyes; A. Soto; A Corella.

PA.022 – “Existence of the B-Form DNA helix in nanoDNA liquid crystals and its variation due to aggregate assemblyG.P. Smith; T.P. Fraccia; M. Zhernenkov; T. Bellini; N.A. Clark.

PA.023 – “Magnetic Nanostructured Hydrogels based on Natural PolymersP.I.P. Soares; P. Carrilho; J.P. Borges; M.H. Godinho; S.N. Fernandes.

PA.024 – “Mathematical modelling of antibiotic tolerance in liquid crystalline biofilmsM.T. van Rossem; S. Wilks; M. Kaczmarek; P.R. Secor; G. D’Alessandro.

PA.025 – “Liquid Crystalline in the Fat Body of Chrysalis from Italian Honey Bee” W. Zhang; B. He; G. Ghartey-Kwansah; J. Li; S. Wang; X. Cao; Y. Gao; Q. Duan; Z. Li; L. Wang; Y. Liu; X. Xu.

PA.026 – “Characterization of Embryonic Liquid Crystal in Tissue Architecture” X. Lei; X. Cao; Y. Gao; Q. Duan; L. Xiao; H. Yue; J. Li; Z. Li; L. Wang; M. Xu; Y. Liu; X. Xu.

PA.027“Mechanical anisotropic properties of films prepared from thermotropic cellulose-based systems” N. Monge; J. Canejo, M. H. Helena.

PA.353 -“Optimal transport of bacterial active droplets in a nematic environmentB. Hend; H. Matthews; Y. Wang; O.D. Lavrentovich.

B – Macromolecular Liquid Crystals

PB.048 – “Triggering motion by light: The effect of aryl azo pyrazoles on liquid crystal networksP. Straub; M. Kluth; J. Rühe.

PB.049 – “2,7-di(hydroxylated) hexaalkoxy triphenylenes as building blocks for supramolecular and macromolecular liquid crystals and organogelsN. Vadra; C. Huck-Iriart; L.J. Giovanetti; P.H. Di Chenna; F.D. Cukiernik.

PB.050 – “Simulating Polymer Hairpins in NematicsZ. Valei; K. Wamsler; A. Parker; T. Shendruk.

PB.051 – “Magnetic Polydomain Liquid Crystal Elastomers” L. Cmok; M. Vilfan; S. Gyergyek; M. Čopič.

PB.052 – “Random Liquid Crystalline Copolymers Consisting of Prolate and Oblate Liquid Crystal MonomersX. Wang; Y. Xu; R. Dupont.

PB.053 – “Tunable Liquid Crystal Elastomer Devices with Electric Field Induced AlignmentZ. Wang; Y. Liu; J.C. Jones; H.F. Gleeson.

PB.054 – “Photo- and Thermomechanical Response in Liquid Crystal Polymer NetworksD. Węgłowska; R. Węgłowski; W. Piecek; J. Konieczkowska; E. Schab-Balcerzak; P. Kula.

PB.055 – “Liquid Crystalline Phases of Poly (Hexyl isocyanate)-Functionalized Zirconia NanoparticlesJ. Wong; V. Toader; L. Reven.

PB.056 – “Effect of homeotropic alignment strength at air interface on liquid crystal polymer filmsX. Xue; I. Nys; B. Berteloot; M. Stebryte; K. Neyts; J. Beeckman.

PB.057 – “Photo-responsive liquid secretion from liquid crystal polymer network” D. Zhang; D.J. Broer; D. Liu.

PB.058 – “Photo- and chiro-optical properties of azobenzene-containing LC polymethacrylates: the role of chirality spacer and aliphatic fragments lengthsA. Boychuk; A. Bobrovsky; V. Shibaev; M. Cigl; K. Pomeisl; V. Hamplová; A. Bubnov.

PB.354 – “LCs acrylic polymers: electrically induced polymerization” P. Romero-Hasler; E. Soto-Bustamante.

C – Confined Liquid Crystals

PC.103 – “Binary mixed system consisting of a nematogen and an electrolyteD.-S. Park; S.-W.Choi

PC.104 – “Substitution of sub-molecular structure can alter surface anchoring of liquid crystals: Impact of cyclohexyl vs phenyl groups on surface anchoring of nematic LCG.R. Perez-Lemus; X. Wang; N. Abbott; J.J. de Pablo.

PC.105 – “Effect of the Hydrophobic Aerosil Nanoparticles on the Collective Modes in the Ferroelectric Liquid CrystalS.A. Różański.

PC.106 – “Chiral chromonic liquid crystals microspheres embedded in flexible filmsL. Spina; F. Ciuchi; C.M. Tone; R. Barberi; M.P. De Santo.

PC.107 – “Nematic liquid crystal droplets exhibiting stimuli-responsive microcargo releaseR. Štanc; T. Emeršič; W. Wang; U. Tkalec.

PC.108 – “Electrospun Liquid Crystal Core Microfibrous Mats Showing Dynamic Interference ColorsM.D. Thum; J. Kołacz; D.C. Ratchford; G. Camarella; W. Maza; J.G. Lundin.

PC.109 – “Programming phase transitions of lyotropic liquid crystals in nanoporous microenvironmentsV. Ulaganathan; I.L.H. Ong; J. Dhar; A. Sengupta.

PC.110 – “Factors Affecting the Spatial Director Field in a Photosensitive Liquid Crystal Layer Deposited on a Rubbed PI Substrate” T. Bidna; O. Yaroshchuk.

PC.111 – “Double-Twist Nematic Director Configurations in Cylindrical Capillaries with Full-Range Twist Angle Adjustment by Surface Mediated Photoalignment” A. Nych; R. Kravchuk; U. Ognysta; M. Ledney; O. Yaroshchuk.

PC.112 – “Encoding Bespoke Textures in Block Copolymers Using Magnetic FieldsY. Zagzag; R. Kamien; C. Osuji.

PC.113 – “Kink- and double π-forms of distortions in hollow nematic capillaries” I. Śliwa; A.V. Zakharov.

PC.114 – “Coalescence of nematic liquid crystal droplets on freely suspended liquid crystal filmsJ. Kaewthong; W. Satienpaisan; N. Hongkarnjanakul; P. Tin; N. Chattham.

PC.115 – “Utilizing binary surface alignment control by focused ion beam for fast LC microlensesI.V. Kasyanova; S.P. Palto; I.V. Simdyankin; A.R. Geivandov; V.V. Artemov; M.V. Gorkunov.

PC.116 – “Water droplet impact on liquid crystal interfacesR. Štanc; Y. Xu; X. Wang; S. Čopar; U. Tkalec.

PC.117 – “Cholesteric PDLC composites with mechanically controlled optical propertiesN.V. Balenko; A.Yu. Bobrovsky; V.P. Shibaev.

PC.118 – “Effects of BaTiO3 ferroelectric nanoparticles size on dielectric and phase transition properties of smectic A liquid crystalSh. A. Humbatov; A.R. Imamaliyev.

PC.119 – “Mesogenic Surface Functionalisation in Quantum Dot – Liquid Crystal Nanocomposites.H.J. Litt; H. Ojaym; G.H. Mehl; K.J.L. Mattsson; J.C. Jones.

PC.120 – “Differential Dynamic Microscopy to Characterise Fluctuating Nematic Liquid CrystalsÓ. Skelton.

PC.121 – “Effect of magnetic nanoparticles high concentration  on properties of ferronematicsN. Tomašovičová; K. Zakuťanská; V. Lacková; S. Burylov; V. Skosar; A. Juríková; P. Kopčanský.

PC.122 – “A Photonic Composite Material composed from Cellulose Nano Rods and Exfoliated ClaysA.C. Trindade; M. Carreto; S. Fernandes; M.H. Godinho; J.-O. Fossum.

PC.123 – “Self-assembly of gold nanoparticles into an adjustable  plasmonic 3D lattice using twin and Janus-type forked  ligandsY.-y. Zhao; Y. Cao; G. Siligardi; G.H. Mehl; F. Liu; G. Ungar.

D – Design of New Materials

PD.192 – “Structural features spectroscopic and thermal investigation of a novel hybrid material based on cooper and 3,3’-diaminodiphenylsulfone as ligand.H. Ltaief.

PD.193 – “Rapid Cooling of Liquid Hypereutectic Zn-Al Alloy For Nano Phase Formation” A. Hu; H. Hu; X. Wei; X. Nie.

PD.194 – “Gyroid nanostructured soft membranes created by polymerization of bicontinuous cubic liquid crystalsT. Ichikawa; T. Kobayashi; Y.-x. Li; X.-B. Zeng.

PD.195 – “A dual-responsive self assemblies of plasmonic nanoparticles in photosensitive liquid-crystalline templateA. Jedrych; M. Pawlak; W. Lewandowski; M. Wojcik.

PD.196 – “Luminescent DNA-origami nanorods dispersed in a lyotropic chromonic liquid crystal” L. Nguyen; K. Martens; J. Philipp; S. Kempter; T. Liedl; J. Rädler; B. Zhang; H.-S. Kitzerow.

PD.197 – “Mesomorphism and electrophysical properties of cholesterol tridecylate dispersions with few-layer graphite fragmentsA.D. Kurilov; D.N. Stolbov; R.N. Kucherov; A.I. Smirnova; V.V. Belyaev; D.N. Chausov; N.V. Usol’tseva.

PD.198 – “Nematic liquid crystal – quantum dots nanocomposites: order phase stability and electro-optical properties” C. Kyrou; S.B. Atata; D. Tsiourvas; S. Kralj; I. Lelidis.

PD.199 – “Platinum Nanosheets Synthesis in Two-dimensional Reactors Controllable by Shear StressK. Sasaki; K. Miyake; Y. Uchida; N. Nishiyama.

PD.200 – “Two-dimensional Reactors in Amphiphilic Phases (TRAP) Method for the Synthesis of Hydrophilic Nanosheets of Non-exfoliable ZeoliteK. Sasaki; J. A. Hernandez Gaitan; Y. Tokuda; K. Miyake; Y. Uchida; N. Nishiyama.

PD.201 – “In situ Synthesis of Anisometric Carbon-Quantum-Dots in Liquid Crystal host: Dichroic Photoluminescence and Its Electrical SwitchingS. Subedi; S. Kim; A.V. Rella; G.T. Le; V. Kumar; M.-H. Lee; S.-W. Kang.

PD.202 – “Study of ternary composite Go/MnO2/Pani in a columnar liquid crystalG. Tramontin; E.G.C. Neiva; G. Zeplin; M.D. Tonet; H. Bock; J. Eccher.

PD.203 – “Helical systems of metallic nanoparticles characterized by enhanced and switchable plasmonic chiralityM. Tupikowska; G. González-Rubio; W. Lewandowski.

PD.204 – “Photoresponsive and Reprogrammable Liquid Crystal Elastomer Actuators with Dynamic Thiourea BondsJ.H. Bae; J.-H. Lee; D.-G. Kim; S.-k. Ahn.

PD.205 – “Photothermal Dye-doped Liquid Crystals for Dual-mode Release Systems” P. Beyazkilic; S. Akcimen; C. Elbuken; B. Ortac; E. Bukusoglu.

PD.206 – “Synthesis mesomorphic properties and visible light sensitivity of laterally substituted azo-mesogensM. Cigl; A.M. Bubnov; V. Hamplová.

PD.207 – “Photoresponsive Azocinnamoyl Bent-Core Liquid Crystals” K. Gak Simić; N. Trišović; L. Cmok; I. Drevenšek-Olenik.

PD.208 – “Bright Room Temperature Phosphorescent MesogensR. Giménez; O. Crespo; A. Elduque.

PD.209 – “Aggregation-Induced Emission in Liquid CrystalsJ. Hobbs; J. Mattsson; M. Nagaraj.

PD.210 – “Wave control via light-induced dynamic subwavelength structures in liquid crystalsA. Iljin; S. Bugaychuk; V. Mystetskyi.

PD.211 – “Design and Synthesis of Photosensitive Bent-core Liquid CrystalsB. Jansová; V. Novotná; V. Kozmík; J. Svoboda; M. Kohout.

PD.212 – “Exploring alkyl side chains in diphenylureas for controlling the temperature ranges of ferroelectric columnar liquid crystal phasesA. Akiyama; M. Kohri; K. Kishikawa.

PD.213 – “Rosensweig Instability in a Ferroelectric NematicC. Bennett; X. Chen; M. Chen; E. Korblova; C. Park.

PD.214 – “Running Streams of a Ferroelectric Nematic Liquid Crystal on a Lithium Niobate Surface” V. Coda; L. Cmok; N. Sebastián; A. Mertelj; S. Aya; M. Huang; M. Zgonik; G. Montemezzani; I. Drevenšek-Olenik.

PD.215 – “The Dynamics and Dielectric Properties of a Cyanobiphenyl Based Nematic Tripod Liquid CrystalJ. Hobbs; M. Reynolds; S. Mallasandra Krishnappa; S. Govindaswamy; J. Mattsson; M. Nagaraj.

PD.216 – “Dielectric study of the twist-bend structure deformation of difluoro- terphenyl dimersA. Kocot; K. Merkel; B. Loska; G. Mehl.

PD.217 – “The Polar Phases of Umbrella-Shaped Star MesogensM. Lehmann; M. Baumann; A. Murad; M. Feneberg; A. Eremin; D. Singh.

PD.218 – “SHG studies of ferroelectric nematic liquid crystalsM. Lovšin; N. Sebastián; N. Osterman; R.J. Mandle; S. Aya; M. Huang; A. Eremin; I. Drevenšek-Olenik; A. Mertelj.

PD.219 – “Refractive index measurement of nematic liquid crystals by terahertz time-domain spectroscopy and  s-parameter method with vector network analyzerH. Moritake; T. N. Lang; Y Inoue.

PD.220 – “Electro-optical and dielectric behavior of  the ferronematic phaseM. Mrukiewicz; P. Perkowski; J. Karcz; P. Kula.

PD.221 – “Diastereomeric Control of Polymorphic Nematicity for Architypal Ferroelectric Nematogen ‘DIO’H. Nishikawa; K. Sano; F. Araoka.

PD.222 – “Lactate derivatives with ferroelectric and antiferroelectric phases persisting at room-temperaturesN. Podoliak; M. Cigl; V. Hamplová; D. Pociecha; V. Novotná.

PD.223 – “Helix Free Ferroelectric Smectic C* Phase Induced in a Nematic Liquid Crystal MatrixE. Pozhidaev; S. Torgova; E. Budynina; T. Tkachenko; A. Kuznetsov.

PD.224 – “Polar surface anchoring of ferroelectric nematicM. Rajabi; B. Basnet; K. Thapa; H. Wang; S. Paul; O.D. Lavrentovich.

PD.225 – “Lactate Derivatives with Re-entrant SmA PhaseS. Stulov; V. Novotna; V. Hamplova; M. Cigl; E. Gorecka; D. Pociecha.

PD.226 – “New chiral calamitic monoacrylates targeted for polymer stabilisation of polar smectic phasesS. Stulov; E. Dmochowska; J. Herman; M. Czerwiński; P. Kula; A. Bubnov.

PD.227 – “Dielectric and Pseudo-Dielectric Heating Properties in Nematic Liquid Crystal CellsG.-F. Sung; P.-C. Wu; W. Lee.

PD.228 – “Temperature dependence of dielectric anisotropy and birefringence in the nematic phases of cyanobiphenyl-based binary systemsE.E. Zavvou; A.A. Barmpaki; E. Ramou; Z. Ahmed; C. Welch; P.K. Karahaliou; A.G. Vanakaras; G.H. Mehl.

PD.229 – “Optical Second Harmonic Generation  in Ferromagnetic Liquid Crystals” J. Brence; L. Cmok; N. Sebastián; A. Mertelj; D. Lisjak; I. Drevenšek-Olenik.

PD.230 – “The effect of magnetic and electrostatic interactions on the magnetic dynamics of suspended ferromagnetic plateletsM. Küster; H. Nádasi; A. Eremin; P.H. Boštjančič; N. Sebastián; D. Lisjak; A. Mertelj; F. Ludwig.

PD.231 – “Properties and domain formation in ferromagnetic fluids” Ž. Gregorin; N. Sebastián; P.H. Boštjančič; N. Osterman; D. Lisjak; A. Mertelj.

PD.352 -“Paraelectric, antiferroelectric and ferroelectric nematic phases in a liquid crystal composed of polar molecules” A. Emelyanenko; V. Rudyak; S. Shvetsov; F. Araoka; H. Nishikawa; K. Ishikawa.

E – Mathematical Modelling, Symmetry and Topology

PE.263 – “Nemator: Defect-friendly Description of Uniaxial Nematic Liquid CrystalsN. Aryasova; S.V. Shiyanovskii.

PE.264 – “Multipolar Mie resonance contribution to scattering of nanoparticles in liquid crystal medium: Experiments and validation by ‘Transfer Matrix Method’ simulationV. Sridurai; G. Nair.

PE.265 – “Variational Convergence of Liquid Crystal Energies to Line and Surface Energies” F. Alouges; A. Chambolle; D. Stantejsky.

PE.266 – “Flattening a different curve: can we eliminate the adsorption of a liquid crystal at a solid substrate?” C. Anquetil-Deck; P.I.C. Teixeira.

PE.267 – “Comparison Between Simulation and Experiment of Features Seen in the Ferroelectric Nematic PhaseP.J. Tipping; R.J. Mandle; A. Street; H.F. Gleeson.

PE.268 – “All-atom simulations of bent liquid crystal dimers” G. Yu; M.R. Wilson.

PE.269 – “Determination of nematic elastic constants using neural networksJ. Zaplotnik; M. Škarabot; M. Ravnik.

PE.270 – “Ultra-broadband Tunable and Chirality Invertible Bragg-Berry Optical Vortex Generators Based on Molecular-Motor-Doped Cholesteric Liquid CrystalsZ.-Q. Wang; Y.-S. Zhang; C.-R. Lee.

PE.271 – “Viscosity of solutions of stiff polyelectrolytesD. Izzo.

PE.272 – “Marangoni instability in isotropic droplets suspended on a circular frameM.A. Shishkin; B.A. Ostrovskii; E.S. Pikina.

PE.273 – “Selective migration of isotropic droplet using switchable dielectrophoresis systemB. Lee; J.-K. Song.

PE.274 – “Freedericksz transition in dual frequency nematic liquid crystalY. Takikawa; K. Kaneko; S. Odani; H. Orihara; M. Iwata.

PE.275 – “Faceted charged colloids in nematic liquid crystals in  microchannelsS. Uppapalli; J. Dontabhaktuni.

PE.276 – “On the origin of permeative flows in cholesteric liquid crystalsW. Zheng; S. Perkin.

F – Novel Applications

PF.332 – “From lab-scale to high-volume production of Cholesteric Spherical ReflectorsX. Ma; Y. Geng; H. Agha; R. Kizhakidathazhath; D.I. Avşar; J.P.F Lagerwall.

PF.333 – “Charge Transport Property of 2-Phenybenzothiophene- Based Liquid Crystalline SemiconductorsH. Monobe; Y.-J. Zhong; K.-Q. Zhao; B.-Q. Wang; P. Hu; B. Heinrich; B. Donnio.

PF.334 – “In-plane and out-of-plane retardation of rodlike and T-shaped reactive mesogen mixturesY. Nam; J.-H. Lee.

PF.335 – “Visual Sensing of Toxic Organic Liquids based on the Selective Reflection of Chiral Photonic FilmsA.K. Rella; G.T. Le; S. Subedi; V. Kumar; S.-W. Kang.

PF.336 – “Highly Dispersive Liquid Crystal Diffraction Gratings with Continuously Varying PeriodicityP. Ropač; B. Berteloot; I. Nys; K. Neyts; M. Ravnik.

PF.337 – “Hybrid gels for optical gas sensingA.C.A. Roque; C. Esteves; S.I.C.J. Palma; E. Ramou; H. Gamboa; I. Cebola; J. Santos.

PF.338 – “3D Printing of Chiral Nanostructures” M. Esmaeili; K. George; N. Nikfarjam; N.T. Qazvini; M. Sadati.

PF.339 – “Optical and mechanical response of compositions of hydrogen bonded polymers and liquid crystals to volatile organic compounds (VOCs)P. Shibaev; M. Shetty.

PF.340 – “Pigmented Structural Color Actuators Fueled by Near-Infrared LightP. Zhang; M.G. Debije; L.T. de Haan; A.P.H.J. Schenning.

PF.341 – “4D Printable Hygroscopic Liquid Crystal ElastomersK. Kim; J. Bae; S. Choi; S.-k. Ahn.

PF.342 – “Influence of Fabrication Parameters on the Orientations of Printing-on-Demand Liquid Crystal ElastomersP.-Y. Lai; J.-D. Lin.

PF.343 – “Light-Switching Surface Wettability of Chiral Liquid Crystal Networks by Dynamic Change in Nanoscale Topography” Y.-S. Zhang; Z.-Q. Wang; C.-R. Lee.

PF.344 – “Resistivity switching using liquid crystals as active layerL.B. Avila; J. Eccher; L.M. Zimmermann; H. Bock; I.H. Bechtold.

PF.345 – “Solid state emission and ionic conductivity in columnar liquid crystals based on three-coordinate copper(I) complexes” C.P. Ganea; I. Pasuk; D. Manaila-Maximean; M. Secu; V. Cîrcu.

PF.346 – “Liquid crystalline composites toward a novel tuning technique of semiconducting polymersY. Shimizu; K. Kawano; K. Uchida; N. Ohta; H. Yamada; T. Kawai; A. Fujii; M. Ozaki.

PF.348 – “Single mode, multi mode, and random lasing from chiral polymer and liquid crystalline compoundsP.V. Shibaev; P. Fessatidis.

PF.350 – “Liquid crystal core fibers for  volatile organic compound sensingK. Schelski; J.P.F. Lagerwall.

PF.349 – “Deformed Lying Helix: conditions of existence and lasing effectA.R. Geivandov; S.P. Palto; N.M. Shtykov; I.V. Kasyanova; B.A. Umanskii; D.O. Rybakov; I.V. Simdyankin; V.V. Artemov; M.V. Gorkunov.

PF.351 – “Coaxially electrospun water-resistant fibres with chiral-nematic liquid crystalline core for gas sensorsA. Vollbehr; L. Pschyklenk; T. Wagner; P. Kaul.

ONSITE Poster Presentation

A – Liquid Crystals in Biology and Active Matter

PA.009 – “Anisotropic Plant Structures Evidenced by Magnetic Resonance ImagingP.L. Almeida; A.P. Almeida; M.H. Godinho.

PA.010 – “Cellulose-based anisotropic suspensions from cork structures: Phase separation and mesophase formationA.P.C. Almeida; P.L. Almeida; M.H. Godinho.

PA.011 – “Alignment of Chromonic Liquid CrystalsA.F. Alshammari; J.C. Jones; M. Nagaraj.

PA.012 – “Active hexanematics: a paradigm for epithelial tissuesJ.-M. Armengol Collado; L.N. Carenza; L. Giomi.

PA.013 – “Bioinspired Cholesterics as Time-Temperature Indicators by Coexistence of Chiral and Achiral StructuresC. Boyon; M. Mitov.

PA.014 – “Dispersion of activity in active nematicsR.C.V. Coelho; N.A.M. Araújo; M.M. Telo da Gama.

PA.015 – “Omnidirectional transport and navigation of metal-dielectric Janus particles through a nematic liquid crystalS. Dhara.

PA.016 – “Effect of the anionic azo dye Sunset Yellow in lyotropic mixtures with uniaxial and biaxial nematic phases” E. Akpinar; G. Topcu; D. Reis; A.M. Figueiredo Neto.

PA.017 – “Active Nematic RatchetsA.J.H. Houston; G.P. Alexander.

PA.018 – “Active Nematic Multipoles: Flow Responses and the Dynamics of Defects and ColloidsA.J.H. Houston; G.P. Alexander.

B – Macromolecular Liquid Crystals

PB.037 – “Enhanced Performance of Polymeric Sensors Templated from Cholesteric Liquid CrystalsO. Batir; E. Bat; E. Bukusoglu.

PB.038 – “Thermotropic Actuation of Liquid Crystalline Elastomers at or Below Ambient TemperatureG.E. Bauman; J.M. McCracken; T.J. White.

PB.039 – “Investigating the Optical Properties of Liquid Crystal ElastomersE.J. Cooper; R. Mandle; S.J. Brierley-Croft; D. Mistry; H.F. Gleeson.

PB.040 – “Cellulose-based nanocomposites for anti-counterfeiting applications” J.S. Rodrigues; J.M.P. Viana; M.H. Godinho; S.N. Fernandes.

PB.041 – “Shape Programmable Crystallized Liquid Crystal PolymersM. Javed; T.H. Ware.

PB.042 – “Rheo-NMR velocimetry characterization of PBLG/m-cresolC.R. Leal; G. Feio; P.L. Almeida.

PB.043 – “Robust and Reprocessable Liquid Crystal Elastomers with Exchangeable Thiourea Bonds for Muscle-Like ActuatorsJ.-H. Lee; D.-G. Kim; S.-k. Ahn.

PB.044 – “Double-Network Liquid Crystalline ElastomersX. Lin; W. Zou; E.M. Terentjev.

PB.045 – “Insights into the physical response of auxetic LCEs: experiments and modellingT. Raistrick; H. Gleeson; D. Mistry; J. Mattsson; A. Goriely; L.A. Mihai.

PB.046 – “Anisotropic Elastic Properties of Nematic Liquid Crystal ElastomersM.L. Sargsyan; G.S. Gevorgyan; M.R. Hakobyan; R.S. Hakobyan.

PB.047 – “Chiral-Nematic Liquid-Crystalline Elastomers with Multidimensionally Controlled Helical Axis Orientation and Their Mechano-Optical ResponsesY. Shikata; M. Yanagihara; S. Kimura; K. Hisano; O. Tsutsumi.

C – Confined Liquid Crystals

PC.083 – “A smectic liquid crystal Langmuir film at the air/water interface: Boundaries thermodynamics and dynamicsH.A. Alwusaydi; E.K. Mann; J.A. Mann.

PC.084 – “Spatial structure of topological defect lines in three-dimensional nematic liquid crystalsB. Ash; A. Modin; F. Serra; H. Aharoni.

PC.085 – “Liquid crystals rivuletsA.S. Bhadwal; J.R.L. Cousins; N.J. Mottram; S.K. Wilson; I.C. Sage; C.V. Brown.

PC.086 – “Encapsulation of cellulosic liquid crystalline phase using coaxial electrospinningJ.P. Canejo; J.R. Santos; M.H. Godinho.

PC.087 – “Growth of blue phase liquid crystals on nanoporous membranesR.J. Chen; C.-H. Ho; Y.-L. Lin; H.-Y. Chen; J.-T. Chen.

PC.088 – “Faceted charged colloids in nematic liquid crystal micro-channelsS. Uppapalli; J. Dontabhaktuni.

PC.089 – “Longitudinal trapping of microparticles in a Double Vortex Beam” T. Chomchok; N. Hongkanchanakul; A. Pattanaporkratana; T.R. Hatch; P. Tin; N. Chattham.

PC.090 – “Marangoni convection in liquid crystal 8CB under temperature gradientY. Ito; J. Yoshioka; K. Fukao.

PC.091 – “Hydrogen bond assisted anchoring transitions in nematic liquid crystals at the aqueous interfaceV. Jain; R. Nandi; M. Devi; T. Gupta; S.K. Pal.

PC.092 – “Anisotropic spreading of liquid crystals on polymer films with photo induced submicron relief” D.V. Shmeleva; S.S. Kharlamov; A.V. Dubtsov; S.V. Pasechnik; S. Santer; A. Zakharov.

PC.093 – “Interaction between 2D Materials and Soft Matter Active LayersJ. Kołacz; P.A. Brown; D.J. Pennachio; R.L. Myers-Ward; D. Gunlycke; C.M. Spillmann.

PC.094 – “LC layers under planar-conical anchoring with various tilt angles specified by polymethacrylate compositionsD. Kostikov; M. Krakhalev; O. Prishchepa; V. Zyryanov.

PC.095 – “Colloidal Graphene-Oxide Liquid Crystals in the Confined Geometry: Flow vs. Pickering EffectG.T. Le; S. Subedi; A.K. Rella; M.-H. Lee; S.-W. Kang.

PC.096 – “How chromonics twist to accommodate cylindrical confinement under axial magnetic fieldsJ. Lee; J. Jeong.

PC.097 – “Re-entrant anchoring transition in a nematic liquid crystalM.T. Máthé; Á. Buka; P. Salamon.

PC.098 – “Novel Methods for Fabricating Metasurface Alignment Layers for Liquid Crystal DevicesT.A. Moorhouse; J.C. Jones.

PC.099 – “Lattice Orientation Characteristics of Cholesteric Blue Phase II on Micropatterned Surface AlignmentK. Nakajima; R. Hasegawa; S. Mitsuhashi; Y. Tsukamoto; M. Ozaki.

PC.100 – “Nematics interfacing photosensitive substrates: experiments on photoalignmentA.R.K. Nassrah; T. Tóth-Katona.

PC.101 – “Blue Phase free-standing photonic crystals obtained by fast crystal growthE. Otón; M. Muszyński; P. Morawiak; J. Szczytko; W. Piecek.

PC.102 – “Probing Nanoscale Lipid-Protein Interactions at the Interface of Liquid Crystal DropletsI. Pani; F. Nazreen KM; M. Sharma; S.K. Pal.

D – Design of New Materials

PD.158 – “A systematic study of polar mesophase in bis-imine 3,5-diarylisoxazoline/isoxazole 5-membered heterocyclicC.S.B. Weber; F. Bergamo; R.R. da Rosa; A.A. Merlo.

PD.159 – “Chalcogenophene based liquid crystalline materials for tunable optical microcavities” J. Karcz; N. Rychłowicz; D. Węgłowska; J. Szczytko; P. Kula.

PD.160 – “Tris(N-phenyltriazole) as a new template for star-shaped luminescent Discotic Liquid Crystals” C. Ratto; W.A. Oliveira; H. Gallardo; E. Westphal.

PD.161 – “Investigation of Reversible Photochemical Switching of Diarylethene-Based Derivatives in Liquid Crystalline StateH.-C. Yang; H.-H. Chen.

PD.162 – “A new synthetic pathway to obtain liquid crystal dimers showing twist-bend nematic and smectic phases.A. Zattarin; J.M.D. Storey; C.T. Imrie.

PD.163 – “Design mesomorphic behavior and rheological characterization of a new liquid crystalline material derived from lactic acid H. Carrêlo; M. Cigl; A. Bubnov; V. Hamplová; M.T. Cidade.

PD.164 – “Water-in-Water Liquid Crystal Emulsions Composed by Binary Demixed Polymers and Permeable Self-assembled NanocelluloseG. Chu; O.J. Rojas.

PD.165 – “Ferroelectric nematics in external electric and magnetic fields” E. Zavvou; M. Bremer; A. Eremin.

PD.166 – “Ionic Liquid Crystal Gels: From Supramolecular Structure to Macromolecular PropertiesT.M. Eusébio; P. Morgado; J. Ascenso; E.J.M. Filipe.

PD.167 – “Shaping colloidal bananas to reveal splay-bend nematic phases and vortex-like phasesC. Fernández-Rico; M. Chiappini; T. Yanagishima; H. de Sousa; D. Aarts; M. Dijkstra; R. Dullens.

PD.168 – “Crystal polymorphism and spherulitic growth of a thermotropic liquid crystal.S. Ghosh; A. Roy.

PD.169 – “The phase transition pathways in the emerging ferroelectric nematicsM. Huang; S. Aya; J. Li; Z. Wang; M. Deng.

PD.170 – “A case of antiferrochirality in a liquid crystal phase of counter- rotating staircasesY.-x. Li; Y. Wang; Y.-n. Xue; G. Ungar; R.-b. Zhang; X.-b. Zeng; H.-f. Gao; X.-h. Cheng; F. Liu; K. Gabana; G.A. Gehring.

PD.171 – “Spectroscopic and DFT study of the structure and dynamics of the twist-bend phaseK. Merkel; B. Loska; Y. Arakawa; A. Kocot.

PD.172 – “Photonic band gap in achiral liquid crystals – a twist on a twistD. Pociecha; N. Vaupotič; M. Majewska; E. Cruickshank; R. Walker; J.M.D. Storey; C. T. Imrie; C. Wang; E. Górecka.

PD.173 – “Coexisting phases in lc-solvent mixtures act as hidden destabilizers during microstructural assemblyC.G. Reyes; J. Baller; T. Araki; J.P.F. Lagerwall.

PD.174 – “Optical Signals Of Uniaxial And Biaxial Cholesteric Lyotropic Phases” W.S. Braga; O.R. Santos; M. Simões; A.J. Palangana.

PD.175 – “Cubic Mesophases from Star-Shaped Mesogens with a Discotic CoreN. Scheuring; K. Noll; A. Prasad; M. Lehmann.

PD.176 – “Molecular stacking structures in chiral columnar phases formed by chiral octahedral metallomesogenJ. Yoshida; M. Hara; G. Watanabe.

PD.177 – “Magnetic response of nematic suspensions of clay nanosheetsY. Yu; B. Pacáková; P.H. Michels-Brito; L. Michels; S.H. Toma; K. Araki; J. Breu; K. Knudsen; J.O. Fossum.

PD.178 – “Solvent isotopic effect on the phase transition of lyotropic chromonic liquid crystalsJ. Cheon; J. Jeong.

PD.179 – “Design Synthesis and Characterization of Achiral Unsymmetrical Four-ring based Hockey-stick Shaped Liquid Crystals: Structure-Property relationshipV. Jain; S. Kaur; G. Mohiuddin; S.K. Pal.

PD.180 – “Binary mixture system consisting of an achiral bent-core molecule and a bent-core based main-chain polymerJ.-Y. Kim; J.-J. Lee; S.-W. Choi.

PD.181 – “Nano-segregated phases in a binary mixture composed of two bent-core moleculesJ.-J. Lee; S.-W. Choi.

PD.182 – “Tailoring liquid crystal honeycombs by head-group choice in bird-like bent-core mesogens Y.-x. Li; H. Cheng; X.-B. Zeng; Y. Tao; X.-H. Cheng; G. Ungar.

PD.183 – “Resonant soft X-ray scattering study of the cholesteric liquid crystal with an ultra-short helix pitchA. Smekhova; V. Novotná; L. Fekete; R. Abrudan; M. Fondell; V. Hamplová.

PD.184 – “Enantioselective chromatography for chiral purity control of ester-based fluorinated liquid crystalsP. Vaňkátová; M. Urbańska; A. Kubíčková; K. Kalíková.

PD.185 – “Versatility of liquid chromatography for characterization and study of liquid crystalsP. Vaňkátová; A. Kubíčková; K. Kalíková.

PD.186 – “Observance of chiral domains in planar-aligned cells of an achiral ferroelectric nematic liquid crystal N. Yadav; Y.P. Panarin; J.K. Vij; W. Jiang; G.H. Mehl.

PD.187 – “Macroscopic Chirality of Twist-Bend Nematic Phase in Bent Dimers Oligomers and Polymers” W.D. Stevenson; X.-B. Zeng, C. Welch; A.K. Thakur; G. Ungar; G.H. Mehl.

PD.188 – “Engineering hydrogen bonding interactions in starshaped systems: structural and functional effects in columnar and cubic phasesR. Giménez; A. Martínez-Bueno; T. Sierra; C. Folcia; J. Etxebarría; J. Ortega.

PD.189 – “Self-Assembly of Dynamic Supramolecular Liquid-Crystalline Networks Formed by Multiple Noncovalent InteractionsJ. Uchida; T. Kato.

PD.190 – “Supramolecular Twist-Bend Nematogens: Hydrogen Bonding &  The Twist Bend Nematic PhaseR. Walker; D. Pociecha; J.M.D. Storey; E. Gorecka; C.T. Imrie.

PD.191 – “Physical Properties of Hydrogen Bonded Liquid Crystal mixtures of Fluorobenzoic AcidsR. Yamaguchi; J. Dan; K. Saga; Y. Suga; M. Shibata.

E – Mathematical Modelling, Symmetry and Topology

PE.249 – “The kinematics of active liquid crystal skyrmionsT.V. Alvim; M. Tasinkevych; M. Telo da Gama.

PE.250 – “Optically thin cells with novel liquid crystals and their characterisation limitsD.O. Bankova; N. Brouckaert; B. Beddoes; E. White; N. Podoliak; O. Buchnev; G. D’Alessandro; M. Kaczmarek.

PE.251 – “Tuneable optical diffractive structures from liquid crystalline materials incorporated into periodic polymeric scaffolds D. Bošnjaković; X. Zhang; I. Drevenšek-Olenik.

PE.252 – “Rapid thickness mapping of free-standing smectic films using color information of reflected light W. Chen; H. Yokoyama.

PE.253 – “Mathematical Modelling and Analysis of One Drop Filling of Liquid Crystal DisplaysJ.R.L. Cousins; S.K. Wilson; N.J. Mottram; D. Wilkes; L. Weegels.

PE.254 – “Wetting and dewetting transitions for a static ridge of nematic liquid crystalJ.R.L. Cousins; B.R. Duffy; S.K. Wilson; N.J. Mottram.

PE.255 – “Optical measurement of the Twist Elastic ConstantG. D’Alessandro; N. Podoliak; D. Bankova; M. Kaczmarek.

PE.256 – “Study of orientational order in a confined system of biaxial particles under an external electric field by lattice Monte Carlo” J.P. Casquilho; J.L. Figueirinhas.

PE.257 – “Computational Simulations of Lyotropic Liquid Crystals (Surfactants) at Water-Oil and Water-Vacuum Interfaces J. Li; M.R. Wilson.

PE.258 – “Effect of clustering on the orientational properties of a fluid of hard right isosceles triangles Y. Martínez-Ratón; E. Velasco.

PE.259 – “COMSOL simulations for studying the influence of K22 on liquid crystal polarization gratingsE. Pereira; J.C. Jones.

PE.260 – “Collective durotaxis of cohesive cell clusters on a stiffness gradientI. Pi-Jaumà; R. Alert; J. Casademunt.

PE.261 – “Director Grating and Two-Beam Energy Exchange in a Hybrid Photorefractive Cholesteric Cell with a Helicoidal Polymer NetworkV. Yu Reshetnyak; I. Pinkevych; M.E. McConney; J.E. Slagle; D.R. Evans.

PE.262 – “Wetting of Nematic Liquid Crystals on Crenellated Substrates: A Frank-Oseen Approach” Ó.A. Rojas-Gómez; M.M. Telo da Gama; J.M. Romero-Enrique.

F – Novel Applications

PF.307 – “Twist-bend nematic phase: possible applications of periodic structures and defects.V.P. Panov; D. Lee; J.-K. Song.

PF.308 – “Perfect Vortex Beam generation based on liquid crystal Spiral Phase PlateJ. Pereiro García; M. García de Blas; P. de la Rosa del Val; X. Quintana Arregui; M. Caño-García; M. Andreas Geday.

PF.309 – “Linear polarization multi-beam splitter assembled from two kinds of crossed-polarization gratingsM. Sakamoto; Y. Kakedo; K. Noda; T. Sasaki; N. Kawatsuki; H. Ono.

PF.310 – “Spatio-temporal analysis of flexoelectric polarization in liquid crystal cells using second-harmonic microscopyK. Shirota; F. Araoka; Y. Yamagata; D. Inoue; M. Sugimoto.

PF.311 – “Spatially localized electrooptical modes in vertically aligned nematic LCsI. Simdyankin; A. Geivandov; B. Umanskii; S. Palto.

PF.312 – “Dynamic and photonic properties of flexoelectric domains” S. Palto; B. Umanskii; I. Simdyankin; N. Shtykov; A.R. Geivandov.

PF.313 – “Proposal for Initial Parameters Decision Approach to Optimize Design of Multi-Twist RetardersY. Tsukamoto; M. Ozaki.

PF.314 – “Solvatochromic behavior of tristriazolotriazine derivatives: influence of aliphatic substitution patternS. Usoltsev; N. Pigolkina; Y. Marfin; N. Zharnikova; O. Akopova; N. Bumbina; A. Smirnova; N. Usol’tseva.

PF.315 – “A easy method to form a single-domain liquid-crystal blue phase and its optical propertiesN.-J. Wang; G.-C. Su; C.-H. Su; C. Lee; H.-Y. Chen.

PF.316 – “Numerical Study on Heliconical Liquid Crystal Gratings” S. Liu; H. Yu; M. Jiang; Q.-H. Wei.

PF.317 – “Improving performances of self-powered liquid crystal devices through dopingN. Brouckaert; N. Podoliak; T. Orlova; D. Bankova; A. De Fazio; A. Karnaras; O. Hovorka; G. D’Alessandro; T. Heiser; M. Kaczmarek.

PF.318 – “Application of Flexoelectric Effect to Energy Harvesting DevicesJ.-H. Lee; J.-Y. Lee; J.-S. Yu; J.-H. Kim.

PF.319 – “Organic Electronics Applications and Charge transport mechanism in novel Discotic Liquid CrystalsD.P. Singh; A. Shah; I. Bala; M. Vadivel; S.K. Pal; S. Kumar.

PF.320 – “Temperature dependent microwave measurements on nematic liquid crystal for tunable devices: New VNA calibration-free methodN. Tentillier; B. Splingart; F. Krasinski; R. Douali; C. Legrand.

PF.321 – “Hiding visible-reflection CSRs from human eye sight and detecting them with circular polarization-based read-out devicesH. Agha; R. Kizhakidathazhath; Y. Geng; D.I. Avşar; X. Ma; J.P.F. Lagerwall.

PF.322 – “Towards High-Volume Printing of QR-Codes and Fiducial Markers based on Cholesteric Spherical ReflectorsD.I. Avşar; Y. Geng; H. Agha; R. Kizhakidathazhath; X. Ma; J.P.F. Lagerwall.

PF.323 – “Orientation of perylene-3,4,9,10-tetracarbonyl-tetraethyl ester influenced by the evaporation ratesD. Becker; P. Meier; H. Bock; H.-S. Kitzerow.

PF.324 – “Novel Chlorophyll dye doped Cholesteric Liquid crystal microdroplets in Anti-counterfeiting technology with reflection and fluorescent colorsG. Buchaiah; V. Jayalakshmi.

PF.326 – “Electro-optical properties of the polymer dispersed liquid crystal films with conical boundary conditionsK. Feizer; M. Krakhalev; O. Prishchepa; V. Sutormin; V. Loiko; V. Zyryanov.

PF.327 – “Bio-inspired nanocellulose composites systems with structural coloration as optical security featuresE. Fuoco; R. Chagas; B.M. Abreu; M.P. De Santo; R. Barberi; M.H. Godinho; S.N. Fernandes.

PF.328 – “Fingerprint generator using chiral liquid crystal microdroplets: an electroluminescent label.E. Fuoco; M.D.L. Bruno; U. Emanuele; S. Sinopoli; G. Papuzzo; A. Forestiero; R. Barberi; M.P. De Santo.

PF.329 – “A Study on the Retardation Dispersibility of Reactive Mesogen Mixtures with H-Shape StructureJ. Im; J.-H. Lee.

PF.330 – “Practical thermoresponsive switchable windows of PNLCs – Durable affordable and adaptable –H. Kakiuchida; A. Ogiwara.

PF.331 – “Study of Fluorescent Dichroic Liquid Crystal Dyes for PDLC and Flexible DeviceX. Li; D. Han; S. Feng; X. Chen.