Location & Access

From Lisbon International Airport there is the option of taking a taxi, a bus or the subway to reach the city center (15 minutes).

Lisbon airport (©Mimofinger Photography)

The venue for all conference sessions is the Faculty of Sciences (Faculdade de Ciências) that can be easily reached by public transport:

By subway – Metro the nearest stations are Campo Grande or Cidade Universitária

The red dots show the two Metro stations nearest to ILCC2022. Click here to see full map.

By bus –  Carris (yellow buses) numbers 701, 717, 731, 735, 736, 738, 747, 750, 755, 764, 767, 768, 778, 783, 796, 798.

The red dots or blue rectangles show the nearest Metro stations or bus stops, to ILCC2022. Click here to see full map.

By train – CP the nearest station is Entrecampos (connection with subway station Entrecampos)