Conference Facilities

The conference will be held at the University of Lisbon. This was originally founded by King Dinis in 1290, but moved permanently to Coimbra in 1537. The present University of Lisbon was re-founded in 1911. It has recently (2013) merged with the Technical University of Lisbon, with the aim of becoming a player on the global higher education stage.

The main campus is located in the Campo Grande area of northern Lisbon, less than 2 km from Lisbon Airport, well served by public transport including two metro lines, and within walking distance of many hotels.

More detailed information on how to reach the conference facilities in Location and Access.

The Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon main lecture theatre has a special significance to the Liquid Crystal community, as it was the stage for the seminars of Pierre-Gilles de Gennes when he visited Lisbon in 2004.