Thursday, July 28, 2022

Room: Grand Auditorium


Chair: Claudio Zannoni

PL-4 – “Morphing Liquid Crystal Elastomer Coatings: A Machine Learning Approach to Inverse DesignR.L.B. Selinger; Y.M. Golestani; M.J. Deutsch; M. Varga; B.L. Mbanga.

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Chair: Georg Mehl

IL-11-GA – “Ionic Conductivity in Pillarene-Based Liquid CrystalsJ.L. Serrano; I. Marín; S. del Moral; J. Barberá; R.I. Merino; P. Romero.

DO-21 – “Why is there a Cp maximum in the isotropic liquid above LC phases?G. Ungar; Y-n Xue; Y. Wang; S-g Yang; Y-x Li; L. Cseh; X-b Zeng; F. Liu.

DO-22 – “New Examples of Ferronematic Materials Showing Evidence for the Antiferroelectric Smectic-Z PhaseP. Nacke; A. Manabe; M. Klasen-Memmer; X. Chen; V. Martinez; E. Korblova; G. Freychet; M. Zhernenkov; M. Glaser; J.E. Maclennan; D.M. Walba; M. Bremer; F. Giesselmann.

DO-23 – “Does the Real Biaxial Nematic Phase Exist in the Family of Roof-Shaped Nematogens?” N. Scheuring; M. Lehmann.

DO-24 – “A Columnar Liquid Quasicrystal – Honeycomb with Triangular, Square and Trapezoidal Cells X.B. Zeng.

IL-12-GA – “LC-Elastomers: Structure -Property Relations and Concepts to Improve ApplicabilityR. Zentel.



Poster Session III – Onsite (Ágora Room) + Online (Padlet and Zoom)


Chair: Alain Goriely

ILK-13-GA – “Symmetry arguments and the totalitarian principle in the physics and metaphysics of liquid crystalsP. Palffy-Muhoray; T. Guo; X. Zheng.

EO-25 – “Complex-tensor Theory of Simple SmecticsT.N. Shendruk; J. Paget; U. Alberti; A. Balach-Conte; M.G. Mazza; A.J. Archer.

EO-26 – “Formation of stacks, shift-defects, Y-defects and novel layer structures in chromonic liquid crystalsM.R. Wilson; G. Yu.

IL-14-GA – “Mathematical Models for ChromonicsE.G. Virga.

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Chair: Irena Drevenšek-Olenik

DO-31 – “Sm-Col phase transition of triphenylene mesogens with six peripheral alkoxyazobenzenes : anisotropic interactions among rod-like units and  interactions among disc-like onesY. Shimizu; H. Sanada; D. Tanaka; H. Nakamura; N. Ohta; Y. Hattori; T. Kawai; K. Uchida.

IL-15-GA – “Exploration of the twist bend nematic (Ntb) and ferroelectric (Nf) nematic phase in mixtures with LC-QDs and LC-gold nanoparticlesG.H. Mehl; W. Jiang; H. Ojaym; H. Yu; S. Conopo-Holyoake; F. Liu; Y. Zhao; X.B. Zeng; G. Siligardi.

Room: Building IV – Amphitheater I


Chair: John Ball

ILK-7-AI – “Light Control by Topological Solitons in Frustrated Chiral NematicsS. Žumer; A.J. Hess; G. Poy; J.B. Tai; I.I. Smalyukh.

EO-21 – “A Molecular Dynamics Study of Novel Columnar Metallomesogens Forming Helical StructureG. Watanabe; M. Hara; J. Yoshida.

EO-22 – “Electromagnetic deformation theory of a liquid bilayer vesicleZ.C. Ou-Yang; Y.G. Shu.

EO-23 – “Gathering Metastable States in Confined Systems by Stochastic Approximation Monte Carlo Simulations V.Y. Rudyak; I.V. Afanasyev; D.I. Lichmanov; V.V. Voevodin.

EO-24 – “Resonant X-ray Response of a Chiral Cubic PhaseN. Vaupotic; T. Grabovac; E. Gorecka; D. Pociecha; C. Zhu.

IL-8-AI – “Freely floating smectic filmsR. Stannarius.



Poster Session III – Onsite (Ágora Room) + Online (Padlet and Zoom)


Chair: Giampaolo D’Alessandro

DO-25 – “Structure of the twist-bend nematic phase with respect to the orientational molecular orderB. Loska; A. Kocot; Y. Arakawa; K. Merkel.

DO-26 – “Chiral bent-shaped liquid crystals exhibiting a wide range of blue liquid crystalline phase and mechanochromic behaviourV. Punjani; N. Joshi; G. Mohiuddin; S.K. Pal.

DO-27 – “Flow-induced transient chirality in a columnar liquid crystalI. Sivakumar.

DO-28 – “Similarities and differences between two ferroelectric nematic materialsN. Sebastián; R.J. Mandle; S. Aya; M. Huang; N. Osterman; M. Lovšin; L. Cmok; A. Petelin; A. Eremin; J. Martinez-Perdiguero; I. Drevenšek-Olenik; M. Čopič; A. Mertelj.

DO-29 – “The evidence of SmA to deVries SmA transition exhibited by bent-core hockey-stick shaped moleculesA. Roy.

DO-30 – “Columnar Mesomorphism of Board-Shaped Diketopyrrolopyrrole, Isoindigo, and Quinoxalino-Phenanthrophenazine DyesS.H. Eichhorn; H. Taing; A.M. Cassar; B.R. Kaafarani.

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Chair: Ivan Bechtold

BO-23 – “Nematic Order in Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites: from Colloidal Solutions to Polymeric FilmsF. Vita; M. Hegde; L. Marchio; S.J. Picken; E.T. Samulski; T.J. Dingemans; O. Francescangeli.

IL-9-AI – “Hyperbolic metamaterials with dye doped nematic liquid crystals for spontaneous emission engineeringJ. Parka; K. Sielezin; A. Pianelli; R. Kowerdziej; U. Chodorow; R. Mazur; B. Jankiewicz.

Room: Building IV – Amphitheater II


Chair: Hiroshi Yokoyama

ILK-8-AII – “Liquid Crystal topological defects and nanoparticles” E. Lacaze.

CO-25 – “Photopatterning Designer Disclinations and Templated Colloidal Assembly in Nematic Liquid CrystalsQ.-H. Wei.

CO-26 – “Photo-patterned defect grids for the creation of disclination lines in nematic liquid crystal cellsI. Nys; B. Berteloot; J. Beekman; K. Neyts.

CO-27 – “Ferroelectric nematic liquid crystal thermo-motorP. Salamon; M.T. Máthé; A. Buka; A. Jákli.

CO-28 – “Hidden traces of chirality in the fluctuation modes of fully unwound frustrated cholestericsG. Poy.

CO-29 – “Rotational Phenomenon Driven by Temperature Gradient in a Cholesteric Droplet with Air Interface” J. Yoshioka; K. Fukao.

CO-30 – “Topological defects in Liquid crystal thin filmsJ.D. Niyozima; H. Jeridi; C. Sakr; A. Vlad; A. Coati; M. Goldmann; D. Constantin; B. Gallas; Y. Garreau; B. Croset; E. Lacaze.



Poster Session III – Onsite (Ágora Room) + Online (Padlet and Zoom)


Chair: Paulo Ivo Teixeira

FO-26 – “Molecularly Oriented Organic-Semiconductor Thin Film based on its Mesogenic PotentialM. Osaki; E. Nishimoto; G. Uzurano; A. Fujii.

FO-27 – “Realizing Rashba-Dresselhaus lasing in tunable liquid crystal birefringent optical microcavityM. Muszyński; M. Król; R. Rechcińska; P. Oliwa; M. Kędziora; K. Łempicka-Mirek; R. Mazur; P. Morawiak; W. Piecek; P. Kula; P.G. Lagoudakis; B. Piętka; J. Szczytko.

FO-28 – “Polymer Stabilized Paraboloid Liquid Crystal Microlenses with Integrated Pancharatnam–Berry PhaseW.S.K. Perera.

FO-29 – “Chiral Liquid Crystal laser with metallic end-mirrorF. Van Acker; K. Neyts; J. Beeckman.

FO-30 – “Electrical Switching of Nematic Plasmonic Nanocolloids for Infrared Solar Gain ControlS. Ghosh; I. Smalyukh.

FO-31 – “Liquid Crystal Polarization Holograms for Thinner and Lighter AR/VR Display SystemsL. Lu.

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Chair: Jun Yamamoto

EO-27 – “Dynamics of flowing skyrmionsR.C.V. Coelho; M. Tasinkevych; M.M. Telo da Gama.

EO-28 – “Better than counting: Orientational distribution functions from torque samplingJ. Renner; D. de las Heras; M. Schmidt.

DO-36 – “Zig-Zag Morphology of 2π Disclination Lines in the Ferroelectric Nematic PhaseX. Chen; E. Korblova; M. Glaser; J. Maclennan; D. Walba; N. Clark.

Room: Building IV – Amphitheater III


Chair: Antal Jakli

ILK-10-AIII – “Stretching the imagination; new applications for liquid crystal elastomersH.F. Gleeson; T. Raistrick; R. Mandle; D. Mistry.

DO-32 – “Fundamental Studies and Functional Applications of Mechanotropic Phase Transitions in Polymer Networks Containing Appreciable Liquid Crystalline ContentJ.A. Herman; J.A. Koch; T.J. White.

DO-33 – “Bidirectional flow in ferromagnetic ferrofluids generated by a uniaxial magnetic fieldM. Vilfan; B. Lampret; Ž. Gregorin; N. Sebastián; J. Klepp; J. Kohlbrecher; P. Hribar Boštjančič; D. Lisjak; A. Mertelj.

DO-34 – “Liquid Crystalline Elastomers Containing Supramolecular BondsK. Lewis; K. Herbert; T. White.

DO-35 – “Polar nature of the ferroelectric nematic studied by dielectric and electrooptic spectroscopy.Y.P. Panarin; N. Yadav; J.K. Vij; W. Jiang; G.H. Mehl.

IL-11-AIII – “Photocontrollable LC hybrid composites based on organic and inorganic porous matricesA. Bobrovsky; S. Valery.



Poster Session III – Onsite (Ágora Room) + Online (Padlet and Zoom)


Chair: Mohan Srinivasarao

CO-31 – “Quantum dot-polymer stabilized blue phase liquid crystals for next generation displaysS. Yadav; P. Malik.

CO-32 – “Helfrich-Hurault-like undulations in cholesteric liquid crystals induced by anchoring transitionsL. Tran; M.O. Lavrentovich.

CO-33 – “Tuning the photonic bandgap by actinic light in one and three-dimensional photonic structures of liquid crystalsR. Sahoo.

CO-34 – “Microfluidic production of chromonic microdroplets with precise topology controlC.M. Tone; A. Zizzari; L. Spina; M. Bianco; M.P. De Santo; R. Barberi; V. Arima; F. Ciuchi.

CO-35 – “Blue Phase Liquid Crystal Core-ShellsM. Sadati; S. Norouzi; A. Tavera-Vazquez; T. Lopez Leon; J.J. de Pablo; J.A. Martinez-Gonzalez.

CO-36 – “Liquid Crystal-Infused Porous Surfaces with Molecular Order-Dependent Slipperiness and Cargo ReleaseX. Wang; Y. Xu; A. Rather; R. Dupont; U. Kara; R. Mamtani; U. Tkalec.

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Chair: Goran Ungar

DO-37 – “Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation in All-Aqueous Liquid Crystal Colloids: Binary Polymers meets Self-assembled NanocelluloseG. Chu; O.J. Rojas.

IL-12-AIII – “Do aqueous suspensions of smectite clays form a smectic liquid-crystalline phase?P. Davidson; K. El Rifaii; H.H. Wensink; F. Puchtler; I. Dozov; T. Bizien; L.J. Michot; J.C.P. Gabriel; J. Breu.

Room: Building IV – Amphitheater IV


Chair: Masanori Ozaki

FO-20 – “Self-Steering Lasing System Enabled by Soft Photo-Actuators with Sandwich-Like StructureC.-R. Lee.

FO-21 – “3D-Printed Biomimetic Systems with Synergetic Color and Shape Responses Based on Oblate Cholesteric Liquid Crystal DropletsC. Dong.

FO-22 – “Interaction of Smectic A Defects with Light, and Application to Active GlazingC. Mahyaoui; G. Boniello; P. Davidson; C. Meyer; I. Dozov; F. Mondiot.

FO-23 – “Controlled Photoluminescence from  Liquid-Crystalline Gold(I) Complexes with  High Aggregation-Induced Emission CharacterO. Tsutsumi; Y. Kuroda; A. Ando; K. Yamaguchi; K. Hisano.

FO-24 – “On-demanding secreting functional liquid from liquid crystal polymer networkD. Liu; Y. Zhan; D.J. Broer.

FO-25 – “Mechanically stabilized discotic liquid crystals via UV-crosslinked reactive nematogen manifest effective drift mobility of charge carriers accompanied by enhanced dielectric propertiesA. Shah

IL-5-AIV – “Properties of chiral liquid crystal gratings and their use in optical componentsK. Neyts; I. Nys; B. Berteloot; M. Stebryte; X. Xue; Ye. Ussembayev.



Poster Session III – Onsite (Ágora Room) + Online (Padlet and Zoom)


Chair: António Figueiredo Neto

ILK-6-AIV – “Liquid crystals to control active matterO.D. Lavrentovich.

AO-14 – “Local ordering in the isotropic phase of a liquid crystal investigated by NMR relaxometryA. Gradisek; T. Apih; M.J. Beira; C. Cruz; S.N. Fernandes; M.H. Godinho; P.J. Sebastiao.

AO-15 – “Active nematics microfluidics : from channels to autonomous flow networksC. Dore; J. Laurent; J. Hardouin; J. Ignés-Mullol; F. Sagués; T. Lopez-Leon.

ILK-7-AIV – “Controlling chaos in active nematicsL.S. Hirst.

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Chair: Camilla Parmeggiani

AO-16 – “Liquid-liquid crystalline phase separations in DNA based coacervatesT.P. Fraccia; T.Z. Jia; N. Martin.

AO-17 – “Pf4 tactoids interaction with synthetic rodsM. De Oliveira Silva; I. Grobas; Y. Han; L. Zhang; A. Majumdar; A. Tarafder; T. Bharat; D. Aarts.

AO-18 – “Epithelia are multiscale active liquid crystalsL.N. Carenza; J.-M. Armengol-Collado; J. Eckert; D. Krommydas; L. Giomi.