Poster Session II

Tuesday, 26th July

ONLINE Poster Presentation

A – Liquid Crystals in Biology and Active Matter

PA.009 – “Anisotropic Plant Structures Evidenced by Magnetic Resonance ImagingP.L. Almeida; A.P. Almeida; M.H. Godinho.

PA.010 – “Cellulose-based anisotropic suspensions from cork structures: Phase separation and mesophase formationA.P.C. Almeida; P.L. Almeida; M.H. Godinho.

PA.011 – “Alignment of Chromonic Liquid CrystalsA.F. Alshammari; J.C. Jones; M. Nagaraj.

PA.012 – “Active hexanematics: a paradigm for epithelial tissuesJ.-M. Armengol Collado; L.N. Carenza; L. Giomi.

PA.013 – “Bioinspired Cholesterics as Time-Temperature Indicators by Coexistence of Chiral and Achiral StructuresC. Boyon; M. Mitov.

PA.014 – “Dispersion of activity in active nematicsR.C.V. Coelho; N.A.M. Araújo; M.M. Telo da Gama.

PA.015 – “Omnidirectional transport and navigation of metal-dielectric Janus particles through a nematic liquid crystalS. Dhara.

PA.016 – “Effect of the anionic azo dye Sunset Yellow in lyotropic mixtures with uniaxial and biaxial nematic phases” E. Akpinar; G. Topcu; D. Reis; A.M. Figueiredo Neto.

PA.017 – “Active Nematic Ratchets A.J.H. Houston; G.P. Alexander.

PA.018 – “Active Nematic Multipoles: Flow Responses and the Dynamics of Defects and ColloidsA.J.H. Houston; G.P. Alexander.

B – Macromolecular Liquid Crystals

PB.037 – “Enhanced Performance of Polymeric Sensors Templated from Cholesteric Liquid CrystalsO. Batir; E. Bat; E. Bukusoglu.

PB.038 – “Thermotropic Actuation of Liquid Crystalline Elastomers at or Below Ambient TemperatureG.E. Bauman; J.M. McCracken; T.J. White.

PB.039 – “Investigating the Optical Properties of Liquid Crystal ElastomersE.J. Cooper; R. Mandle; S.J. Brierley-Croft; D. Mistry; H.F. Gleeson.

PB.040 – “Cellulose-based nanocomposites for anti-counterfeiting applications” J.S. Rodrigues; J.M.P. Viana; M.H. Godinho; S.N. Fernandes.

PB.041 – “Shape Programmable Crystallized Liquid Crystal PolymersM. Javed; T.H. Ware.

PB.042 – “Rheo-NMR velocimetry characterization of PBLG/m-cresolC.R. Leal; G. Feio; P.L. Almeida.

PB.043 – “Robust and Reprocessable Liquid Crystal Elastomers with Exchangeable Thiourea Bonds for Muscle-Like ActuatorsJ.-H. Lee; D.-G. Kim; S.-k. Ahn.

PB.044 – “Double-Network Liquid Crystalline Elastomers X. Lin; W. Zou; E.M. Terentjev.

PB.045 – “Insights into the physical response of auxetic LCEs: experiments and modellingT. Raistrick; H. Gleeson; D. Mistry; J. Mattsson; A. Goriely; L.A. Mihai.

PB.046 – “Anisotropic Elastic Properties of Nematic Liquid Crystal ElastomersM.L. Sargsyan; G.S. Gevorgyan; M.R. Hakobyan; R.S. Hakobyan.

PB.047 – “Chiral-Nematic Liquid-Crystalline Elastomers with Multidimensionally Controlled Helical Axis Orientation and Their Mechano-Optical ResponsesY. Shikata; M. Yanagihara; S. Kimura; K. Hisano; O. Tsutsumi.

C – Confined Liquid Crystals

PC.083 – “A smectic liquid crystal Langmuir film at the air/water interface: Boundaries thermodynamics and dynamicsH.A. Alwusaydi; E.K. Mann; J.A. Mann.

PC.084 – “Spatial structure of topological defect lines in three-dimensional nematic liquid crystalsB. Ash; A. Modin; F. Serra; H. Aharoni.

PC.085 – “Liquid crystals rivuletsA.S. Bhadwal; J.R.L. Cousins; N.J. Mottram; S.K. Wilson; I.C. Sage; C.V. Brown.

PC.086 – “Encapsulation of cellulosic liquid crystalline phase using coaxial electrospinningJ.P. Canejo; J.R. Santos; M.H. Godinho.

PC.087 – “Growth of blue phase liquid crystals on nanoporous membranesR.J. Chen; C.-H. Ho; Y.-L. Lin; H.-Y. Chen; J.-T. Chen.

PC.088 – “Faceted charged colloids in nematic liquid crystal micro-channelsS. Uppapalli; J. Dontabhaktuni.

PC.089 – “Longitudinal trapping of microparticles in a Double Vortex Beam” T. Chomchok; N. Hongkanchanakul; A. Pattanaporkratana; T.R. Hatch; P. Tin; N. Chattham.

PC.090 – “Marangoni convection in liquid crystal 8CB under temperature gradientY. Ito; J. Yoshioka; K. Fukao.

PC.091 – “Hydrogen bond assisted anchoring transitions in nematic liquid crystals at the aqueous interface V. Jain; R. Nandi; M. Devi; T. Gupta; S.K. Pal.

PC.092 – “Anisotropic spreading of liquid crystals on polymer films with photo induced submicron relief” D.V. Shmeleva; S.S. Kharlamov; A.V. Dubtsov; S.V. Pasechnik; S. Santer; A. Zakharov.

PC.093 – “Interaction between 2D Materials and Soft Matter Active LayersJ. Kołacz; P.A. Brown; D.J. Pennachio; R.L. Myers-Ward; D. Gunlycke; C.M. Spillmann.

PC.094 – “LC layers under planar-conical anchoring with various tilt angles specified by polymethacrylate compositionsD. Kostikov; M. Krakhalev; O. Prishchepa; V. Zyryanov.

PC.095 – “Colloidal Graphene-Oxide Liquid Crystals in the Confined Geometry: Flow vs. Pickering EffectG.T. Le; S. Subedi; A.K. Rella; M.-H. Lee; S.-W. Kang.

PC.096 – “How chromonics twist to accommodate cylindrical confinement under axial magnetic fieldsJ. Lee; J. Jeong.

PC.097 – “Re-entrant anchoring transition in a nematic liquid crystalM.T. Máthé; Á. Buka; P. Salamon.

PC.098 – “Novel Methods for Fabricating Metasurface Alignment Layers for Liquid Crystal DevicesT.A. Moorhouse; J.C. Jones.

PC.099 – “Lattice Orientation Characteristics of Cholesteric Blue Phase II on Micropatterned Surface AlignmentK. Nakajima; R. Hasegawa; S. Mitsuhashi; Y. Tsukamoto; M. Ozaki.

PC.100 – “Nematics interfacing photosensitive substrates: experiments on photoalignmentA.R.K. Nassrah; T. Tóth-Katona.

PC.101 – “Blue Phase free-standing photonic crystals obtained by fast crystal growthE. Otón; M. Muszyński; P. Morawiak; J. Szczytko; W. Piecek.

PC.102 – “Probing Nanoscale Lipid-Protein Interactions at the Interface of Liquid Crystal Droplets I. Pani; F. Nazreen KM; M. Sharma; S.K. Pal.

D – Design of New Materials

PD.158 – “A systematic study of polar mesophase in bis-imine 3,5-diarylisoxazoline/isoxazole 5-membered heterocyclicC.S.B. Weber; F. Bergamo; R.R. da Rosa; A.A. Merlo.

PD.159 – “Chalcogenophene based liquid crystalline materials  for tunable optical microcavities” J. Karcz; N. Rychłowicz; D. Węgłowska; J. Szczytko; P. Kula.

PD.160 – “Tris(N-phenyltriazole) as a new template for star-shaped luminescent Discotic Liquid Crystals” C. Ratto; W.A. Oliveira; H. Gallardo; E. Westphal.

PD.161 – “Investigation of Reversible Photochemical Switching of Diarylethene-Based Derivatives in Liquid Crystalline StateH.-C. Yang; H.-H. Chen.

PD.162 – “A new synthetic pathway to obtain liquid crystal dimers showing twist-bend nematic and smectic phases.A. Zattarin; J.M.D. Storey; C.T. Imrie.

PD.163 – “Design mesomorphic behavior and rheological characterization of a new liquid crystalline material derived from lactic acidH. Carrêlo; M. Cigl; A. Bubnov; V. Hamplová; M.T. Cidade.

PD.164 – “Water-in-Water Liquid Crystal Emulsions Composed by Binary Demixed Polymers and Permeable Self-assembled NanocelluloseG. Chu; O.J. Rojas.

PD.165 – “Ferroelectric nematics in external electric and magnetic fields” E. Zavvou; M. Bremer; A. Eremin.

PD.166 – “Ionic Liquid Crystal Gels: From Supramolecular Structure to Macromolecular PropertiesT.M. Eusébio; P. Morgado; J. Ascenso; E.J.M. Filipe.

PD.167 – “Shaping colloidal bananas to reveal splay-bend nematic phases and vortex-like phasesC. Fernández-Rico; M. Chiappini; T. Yanagishima; H. de Sousa; D. Aarts; M. Dijkstra; R. Dullens.

PD.168 – “Crystal polymorphism and spherulitic growth of a thermotropic liquid crystal.S. Ghosh; A. Roy.

PD.169 – “The phase transition pathways in the emerging ferroelectric nematicsM. Huang; S. Aya; J. Li; Z. Wang; M. Deng.

PD.170 – “A case of antiferrochirality in a liquid crystal phase of counter- rotating staircasesY.-x. Li; Y. Wang; Y.-n. Xue; G. Ungar; R.-b. Zhang; X.-b. Zeng; H.-f. Gao; X.-h. Cheng; F. Liu; K. Gabana; G.A. Gehring.

PD.171 – “Spectroscopic and DFT study of the structure and dynamics of the twist-bend phaseK. Merkel; B. Loska; Y. Arakawa; A. Kocot.

PD.172 – “Photonic band gap in achiral liquid crystals – a twist on a twistD. Pociecha; N. Vaupotič; M. Majewska; E. Cruickshank; R. Walker; J.M.D. Storey; C. T. Imrie; C. Wang; E. Górecka.

PD.173 – “Coexisting phases in lc-solvent mixtures act as hidden destabilizers during microstructural assemblyC.G. Reyes; J. Baller; T. Araki; J.P.F. Lagerwall.

PD.174 – “Optical Signals Of Uniaxial And Biaxial Cholesteric Lyotropic Phases” W.S. Braga; O.R. Santos; M. Simões; A.J. Palangana.

PD.175 – “Cubic Mesophases from Star-Shaped Mesogens with a Discotic CoreN. Scheuring; K. Noll; A. Prasad; M. Lehmann.

PD.176 – “Molecular stacking structures in chiral columnar phases formed by chiral octahedral metallomesogenJ. Yoshida; M. Hara; G. Watanabe.

PD.177 – “Magnetic response of nematic suspensions of clay nanosheetsY. Yu; B. Pacáková; P.H. Michels-Brito; L. Michels; S.H. Toma; K. Araki; J. Breu; K. Knudsen; J.O. Fossum.

PD.178 – “Solvent isotopic effect on the phase transition of lyotropic chromonic liquid crystalsJ. Cheon; J. Jeong.

PD.179 – “Design Synthesis and Characterization of Achiral Unsymmetrical Four-ring based Hockey-stick Shaped Liquid Crystals: Structure-Property relationshipV. Jain; S. Kaur; G. Mohiuddin; S.K. Pal.

PD.180 – “Binary mixture system consisting of an achiral bent-core molecule and a bent-core based main-chain polymerJ.-Y. Kim; J.-J. Lee; S.-W. Choi.

PD.181 – “Nano-segregated phases in a binary mixture composed of two bent-core molecules J.-J. Lee; S.-W. Choi.

PD.182 – “Tailoring liquid crystal honeycombs by head-group choice in bird-like bent-core mesogensY.-x. Li.; H. Cheng; X.-B. Zeng; Y. Tao; X.-H. Cheng; G. Ungar.

PD.183 – “Resonant soft X-ray scattering study of the cholesteric liquid crystal with an ultra-short helix pitchA. Smekhova; V. Novotná; L. Fekete; R. Abrudan; M. Fondell; V. Hamplová.

PD.184 – “Enantioselective chromatography for chiral purity control of ester-based fluorinated liquid crystalsP. Vaňkátová; M. Urbańska; A. Kubíčková; K. Kalíková.

PD.185 – “Versatility of liquid chromatography for characterization and study of liquid crystalsP. Vaňkátová; A. Kubíčková; K. Kalíková.

PD.186 – “Observance of chiral domains in planar-aligned cells of an achiral ferroelectric nematic liquid crystalN. Yadav; Y.P. Panarin; J.K. Vij; W. Jiang; G.H. Mehl.

PD.187 – “Macroscopic Chirality of Twist-Bend Nematic Phase in Bent Dimers Oligomers and Polymers” W.D. Stevenson; X.-B. Zeng, C. Welch; A.K. Thakur; G. Ungar; G.H. Mehl.

PD.188 – “Engineering hydrogen bonding interactions in starshaped systems: structural and functional effects in columnar and cubic phasesR. Giménez; A. Martínez-Bueno; T. Sierra; C. Folcia; J. Etxebarría; J. Ortega.

PD.189 – “Self-Assembly of Dynamic Supramolecular Liquid-Crystalline Networks Formed by Multiple Noncovalent InteractionsJ. Uchida; T. Kato.

PD.190 – “Supramolecular Twist-Bend Nematogens: Hydrogen Bonding & The Twist Bend Nematic PhaseR. Walker; D. Pociecha; J.M.D. Storey; E. Gorecka; C.T. Imrie.

PD.191 – “Physical Properties of Hydrogen Bonded Liquid Crystal mixtures of Fluorobenzoic AcidsR. Yamaguchi; J. Dan; K. Saga; Y. Suga; M. Shibata.

E – Mathematical Modelling, Symmetry and Topology

PE.249 – “The kinematics of active liquid crystal skyrmionsT.V. Alvim; M. Tasinkevych; M. Telo da Gama.

PE.250 – “Optically thin cells with novel liquid crystals and their characterisation limitsD.O. Bankova; N. Brouckaert; B. Beddoes; E. White; N. Podoliak; O. Buchnev; G. D’Alessandro; M. Kaczmarek.

PE.251 – “Tuneable optical diffractive structures from liquid crystalline materials incorporated into periodic polymeric scaffoldsD. Bošnjaković; X. Zhang; I. Drevenšek-Olenik.

PE.252 – “Rapid thickness mapping of free-standing smectic films using color information of reflected lightW. Chen; H. Yokoyama.

PE.253 – “Mathematical Modelling and Analysis of One Drop Filling of Liquid Crystal DisplaysJ.R.L. Cousins; S.K. Wilson; N.J. Mottram; D. Wilkes; L. Weegels.

PE.254 – “Wetting and dewetting transitions for a static ridge of nematic liquid crystalJ.R.L. Cousins; B.R. Duffy; S.K. Wilson; N.J. Mottram.

PE.255 – “Optical measurement of the Twist Elastic ConstantG. D’Alessandro; N. Podoliak; D. Bankova; M. Kaczmarek.

PE.256 – “Study of orientational order in a confined system of biaxial particles under an external electric field by lattice Monte Carlo” J.P. Casquilho; J.L. Figueirinhas.

PE.257 – “Computational Simulations of Lyotropic Liquid Crystals (Surfactants) at Water-Oil and Water-Vacuum InterfacesJ. Li; M.R. Wilson.

PE.258 – “Effect of clustering on the orientational properties of a fluid of hard right isosceles trianglesY. Martínez-Ratón; E. Velasco.

PE.259 – “COMSOL simulations for studying the influence of K22 on liquid crystal polarization gratingsE. Pereira; J.C. Jones.

PE.260 – “Collective durotaxis of cohesive cell clusters on a stiffness gradientI. Pi-Jaumà; R. Alert; J. Casademunt.

PE.261 – “Director Grating and Two-Beam Energy Exchange in a Hybrid Photorefractive Cholesteric Cell with a Helicoidal Polymer NetworkV. Yu Reshetnyak; I. Pinkevych; M.E. McConney; J.E. Slagle; D.R. Evans.

PE.262 – “Wetting of Nematic Liquid Crystals on Crenellated Substrates: A Frank-Oseen Approach” Ó.A. Rojas-Gómez; M.M. Telo da Gama; J.M. Romero-Enrique.

F – Novel Applications

PF.307 – “Twist-bend nematic phase: possible applications of periodic structures and defects.V.P. Panov; D. Lee; J.-K. Song.

PF.308 – “Perfect Vortex Beam generation based on liquid crystal Spiral Phase PlateJ. Pereiro García; M. García de Blas; P. de la Rosa del Val; X. Quintana Arregui; M. Caño-García; M. Andreas Geday.

PF.309 – “Linear polarization multi-beam splitter assembled from two kinds of crossed-polarization gratingsM. Sakamoto; Y. Kakedo; K. Noda; T. Sasaki; N. Kawatsuki; H. Ono.

PF.310 – “Spatio-temporal analysis of flexoelectric polarization in liquid crystal cells using second-harmonic microscopyK. Shirota; F. Araoka; Y. Yamagata; D. Inoue; M. Sugimoto.

PF.311 – “Spatially localized electrooptical modes in vertically aligned nematic LCsI. Simdyankin; A. Geivandov; B. Umanskii; S. Palto.

PF.312 – “Dynamic and photonic properties of flexoelectric domains” S. Palto; B. Umanskii; I. Simdyankin; N. Shtykov; A.R. Geivandov.

PF.313 – “Proposal for Initial Parameters Decision Approach to Optimize Design of Multi-Twist RetardersY. Tsukamoto; M. Ozaki.

PF.314 – “Solvatochromic behavior of tristriazolotriazine derivatives: influence of aliphatic substitution patternS. Usoltsev; N. Pigolkina; Y. Marfin; N. Zharnikova; O. Akopova; N. Bumbina; A. Smirnova; N. Usol’tseva.

PF.315 – “A easy method to form a single-domain liquid-crystal blue phase and its optical propertiesN.-J. Wang; G.-C. Su; C.-H. Su; C. Lee; H.-Y. Chen.

PF.316 – “Numerical Study on Heliconical Liquid Crystal Gratings” S. Liu; H. Yu; M. Jiang; Q.-H. Wei.

PF.317 – “Improving performances of self-powered liquid crystal devices through dopingN. Brouckaert; N. Podoliak; T. Orlova; D. Bankova; A. De Fazio; A. Karnaras; O. Hovorka; G. D’Alessandro; T. Heiser; M. Kaczmarek.

PF.318 – “Application of Flexoelectric Effect to Energy Harvesting Devices” J.-H. Lee; J.-Y. Lee; J.-S. Yu; J.-H. Kim.

PF.319 – “Organic Electronics Applications and Charge transport mechanism in novel Discotic Liquid CrystalsD.P. Singh; A. Shah; I. Bala; M. Vadivel; S.K. Pal; S. Kumar.

PF.320 – “Temperature dependent microwave measurements on nematic liquid crystal for tunable devices: New VNA calibration-free methodN. Tentillier; B. Splingart; F. Krasinski; R. Douali; C. Legrand.

PF.321 – “Hiding visible-reflection CSRs from human eye sight and detecting them with circular polarization-based read-out devicesH. Agha; R. Kizhakidathazhath; Y. Geng; D.I. Avşar; X. Ma; J.P.F. Lagerwall.

PF.322 – “Towards High-Volume Printing of QR-Codes and  Fiducial Markers based on Cholesteric Spherical ReflectorsD.I. Avşar; Y. Geng; H. Agha; R. Kizhakidathazhath; X. Ma; J.P.F. Lagerwall.

PF.323 – “Orientation of perylene-3,4,9,10-tetracarbonyl-tetraethyl ester influenced by the evaporation ratesD. Becker; P. Meier; H. Bock; H.-S. Kitzerow.

PF.324 – “Novel Chlorophyll dye doped Cholesteric Liquid crystal microdroplets in Anti-counterfeiting technology with reflection and fluorescent colorsG. Buchaiah; V. Jayalakshmi.

PF.326 – “Electro-optical properties of the polymer dispersed liquid crystal films with conical boundary conditions K. Feizer; M. Krakhalev; O. Prishchepa; V. Sutormin; V. Loiko; V. Zyryanov.

PF.327 – “Bio-inspired nanocellulose composites systems with structural coloration as optical security featuresE. Fuoco; R. Chagas; B.M. Abreu; M.P. De Santo; R. Barberi; M.H. Godinho; S.N. Fernandes.

PF.328 – “Fingerprint generator using chiral liquid crystal microdroplets: an electroluminescent label.E. Fuoco; M.D.L. Bruno; U. Emanuele; S. Sinopoli; G. Papuzzo; A. Forestiero; R. Barberi; M.P. De Santo.

PF.329 – “A Study on the Retardation Dispersibility of Reactive Mesogen Mixtures with H-Shape StructureJ. Im; J.-H. Lee.

PF.330 – “Practical thermoresponsive switchable windows of PNLCs – Durable affordable and adaptable –H. Kakiuchida; A. Ogiwara.

PF.331 – “Study of Fluorescent Dichroic Liquid Crystal Dyes for PDLC and Flexible Device” X. Li; D. Han; S. Feng; X. Chen.

ONSITE Poster Presentation

A – Liquid Crystals in Biology and Active Matter

PA.002 – “Spatial and temporal variation of cellulose-based cholesteric patternsJ. Bolinhas; R.R. da Rosa; P. Silva; S.N. Fernandes; M.H. Godinho.

PA.003 – “Electric-field-induced patterns in a hockey-stick cybotactic nematic” J. Zhang; Y- Xiang; X. Ding; S. Kaur; G. Mohiuddin; S.K. Pal; P. Salamon; N. Éber;  Á. Buka.

PA.004 – “Transport of a passive rod in an active nematic filmL.C. Head; D.P. Rivas; D.H. Reich; R.L. Leheny; T.N. Shendruk.

PA.005 – “Search for Negative Viscosity of various liquid crystal materials in the presence of turbulence induced by an electric fieldF. Kobayashi; S. Ujiie; H. Orihara; T. Nagaya.

PA.006 –  “Defect line coarsening in active nematics N. Kralj; M. Ravnik;  Ž. Kos.

PA.007 – “Scaling regimes in active nematic turbulenceB. Martínez-Prat; R. Alert; F. Meng; J. Ignés-Mullol; J.-F. Joanny; J. Casademunt; R. Golestanian; F. Sagués.

PA.008 – “Photosensitive active nematicI. V élez-Ceron; J. Ignés-Mullol; F. Sagués.

B – Macromolecular Liquid Crystals

PB.028 – “Surfactant-mediated co-existence of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Networks and Cellulose Nanocrystals mesophasesD. Attia; E. Yekymov; Y. Shmidov; Y. Levi-Kalisman; O. Mendelson; R. Bitton; R. Yerushalmi-Rozen.

PB.029 – “Liquid crystalline order in nanostructures prepared through polymerization induced self-assembly (PISA)B. Czubak; J.N. Warren; M. Nagaraj.

PB.030 – “Preparation and study of chiral nanoporous functional materialsS. Del Moral; P. Romero; J.L. Serrano.

PB.031 – “Polymerization of Nematic and Columnar Mesophases of Tetraazaporphyrins and DiketopyrrolopyrrolesS.H. Eichhorn; M.N. Tahir; E. Abdulhamied; A Nyayachavadi; S. Rondeau-Gagn é.

PB.032 – “Spontaneous Polarization due to Flexoelectric Effect in Liquid Crystalline Elastomers Prepared in Cross-Linking under Splay DistortionK. Hiraoka.

PB.033 – “Frustrated Layered Self-assembly Induced Superlattice from Two-Dimensional NanosheetsH. Lu; Y. Tu; G. Ungar.

PB.034 –  “Effect of the substituted proton donors and the chain length of the proton acceptors on the induced mesomorphism through hydrogen bondingP. Bhagavath; M.K. Sonali; M. Srinivasulu; S.D. Kulkarni.

PB.035 – “Phase Transitions and Orientational Behavior of Ionic Liquid Crystal Systems Consisting of Polyammonium and Counter Carboxylate IonsS. Ujiie; A. Sannomiya; S. Tomitaka; M. Nata.

PB.036 – “Viscoelastic behavior of a lyotropic nematic liquid crystal of worm-like micellesS. Varytimiadou; P.J. Collings; P. Rudquist; C.F. Dietrich; T. Sottmann; F. Giesselmann.

C – Confined Liquid Crystals

PC.059 – “Preparation and Characterization of Glyceryl Dibehenate Based Lyotropic Nano Liquid Crystals As Drug Carriers For CurcuminR. Atlibatur; Y. G ürsel; F. Bahadori.

PC.060 – “Controlled Adsorption and Positioning of Nanoparticles at Liquid Crystal Droplet InterfacesS. Şengül; A. Akman; E. Erçelik; N. Aydoğan; E. Bukusoglu.

PC.061 – “Cellulose Nanocrystal Suspensions: Evidence of an Isotropic-Nematic Phase Density InversionR.R. da Rosa; P.E.S. Silva; D.V. Saraiva; A. Kumar; A.M. de Sousa; P. Sebastião; S.N. Fernandes; M.H. Godinho.

PC.062 – “Self-assembled nanoparticle capsules and their aggregation in anisotropic liquid crystal solventD. Gireesan Sudha; J. Ochoa; L.S. Hirst.

PC.063 –  “Microfabrication of double emulsion droplets based on the laser injection and templated self-assemblyJ.K. Guo; X. Wang; J.-K. Song.

PC.064 –  “Coalescence of isotropic droplets in quasi 2D liquid crystal filmsC. Klopp; A. Eremin; R. Stannarius.

PC.065 – “Interactions and Microstructure in protein-containing Liquid Crystal DropletsP.M. Naveenkumar; K.P. Sharma.

PC.066 – “Steady Rigid-Body Rotation of Cholesteric Droplets Driven by the Lehmann EffectK. Nishiyama; Y. Tabe.

PC.067 – “Super-Monodispersed Chiral-Nematic Liquid-Crystalline Polymer Particles with Controlled Helical Axis OrientationT. Shigeyama; S. Hayashi; K. Hisano; O. Tsutsumi.

PC.068 – “Colloidal Soft Materials for Dielectric Optical Nano-Templating and Dye Adsorption ApplicationsR.K. Shukla; P. Singh; N. Duklan; K.K. Raina.

PC.069 – “Carbon Quantum Dots Incorporated Lyotropic Liquid Crystalline PhasesP. Singh; S. Sachdev; K.K. Raina; R.K. Shukla.

PC.070 – “Rotational flow of cholesteric droplets in glycerol induced by thermomechanical effectsS. Takano.

PC.071 – “Liquid Crystal Charged NanocolloidsM. Tasinkevych; B. Fleury; B. Senyuk; I.I. Smalyukh.

PC.072 – “USAXS study of high aspect ratio clay nanosheets suspended in saline solution: Nematics in the photonic rangeO. Trigueiro Neto; P.H. Michels-Brito; T. Plivelic; J. Breu; B. Pacáková; L. Michels; L. Cavalcanti; K.D. Knudsen; J.O. Fossum.

PC.073 –  “Cross-section Speed Up Nematic Colloid Transport in MicrochannelsR.S. Herrera; F. Sagués; J. Ignés-Mullol.

PC.074 – “Co-self-assembly of twist domain walls and vortices in chiral liquid crystalH. Zhao; J.-S.B. Tai; J.-S. Wu; I.I. Smalyukh.

PC.075 – “Bifurcation Elastic Instability and Reentrant of Smectic Phases K.M. Aoki.

PC.076 – “Relaxation of Optical Activity of Polymer-Stabilized Blue Phase LayersA. Iljin; O. Tereshchenko; Y. Okumura; H. Kikuchi.

PC.077 – “Selective Stabilization of Blue Phase Liquid Crystals using Spherical and Rod-shaped Colloidal NanocrystalsR.K. Khan; P. Ramarao.

PC.078 – “A novel oblique columnar liquid crystal phase ordering in asymmetric bent core liquid crystals.V.D. Mishra; H.T. Srinivasa; A. Roy.

PC.079 – “Twist-grain boundary phases characterized by polarized microscopy and AFM techniqueV. Novotná; L. Lejček; V. Hamplová; S. Stulov; M. Cigl; L. Fekete.

PC.080 – “Exploration of the nematic and ferroelectric nematic phase in DIO: alignment and E-field effects I. Nys; W. Jiang; G.H. Mehl; K. Neyts.

PC.081 –  “Activated transitions and fluctuations in thin layers of chiral half-skyrmionsJ. Pišljar; A. Nych; U. Ugnysta; S. Kralj; I. Muševič.

PC.082 – “Switchable topological defects patterns in nematic liquid crystals for diffraction gratings” M.S. Kim; F. Serra.

D – Design of New Materials

PD.124 – “Liquid Crystalline Tiling Patterns of Bolaamphiphilic Rods with Bulky Carbosilane-based Lateral ChainsC. Anders; V.-M. Fischer; X. Cai; F. Liu; C. Tschierske; R. Waldecker.

PD.125 – “Synthesis and Characterisation of Some Novel Heterocyclic Discotic MesogensV. Bhat S; M. Vadivel; S. Kumar.

PD.126 – “The Effect of Fluorinationn on the Ferroelectric Nematic PhaseS. Brown; E. Cruickshank; J. Storey; C.T. Imrie; D. Pochiecha; M. Majewska; A. Makal; E. Górecka.

PD.127Design and synthesis of liquid-crystalline dimers exhibiting B4 phaseT. Černá; M. Kohout; V. Novotná.

PD.128 – “Correlation Between Supramolecular Order Alignment of Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene Derivatives Carrying Dovetailed Diacetylenic Side ChainsH.-H. Chen; Y.-T. Tao.

PD.129 – “Photo-reversible Dithienylcyclopentene Based Room Temperature Liquid Crystalline DerivativesC.-J. Chen; S.-H. Yu; H.-H. Chen.

PD.130 – “Liquid Crystal Elastomers with Slidable Cross-LinksS. Choi; J.-h. Seo; S.-k. Ahn.

PD.131 – “New Oxazoline Derivatives Exhibiting Chiral LC Phases” K. Pomeisl; V. Hamplová; N. Podoliak; P. Vaňkátová; M. Cigl; V. Novotná; D. Pociecha.

PD.132 – “Mesomorphic Polynuclear Gold Isocyano-Triphenylene Complexes. Thermochromic MaterialsS. Coco.; E. de Domingo; E. Tritto; P. Espinet; B. Heinrich; B. Donnio.

PD.133 – “Does the Introduction of a Thioether Linking Group Still Allow for the Observation of the SmCTB Phase?E. Cruickshank; K. Anderson; M. Majewska; D. Pociecha; E. Górecka; R. Walker; A. Makal; N. Vaupotič; C. Wang; J.M.D. Storey; C.T. Imrie.

PD.134 – “An Electron-Deficient Tris(triazole)-based Discotic Liquid Crystal that exhibit Fast Electron TransportS. Dhingra; I. Bala; J. De; S.P. Gupta; U.K. Pandey; S.K. Pal.

PD.135 – “Non-conventional short tailed triphenylene discotic liquid crystals.P. Guragain; M. Powers; Z. Li; J. Portman; B. John; B. Ellman; R.J. Twieg.

PD.136 – “A new strategy for creating synthetic cylindrical polymers based on the design of discotic liquid-crystalline monomersH. Iwasawa; T. Ichikawa.

PD.137 – “Ferroelectric Columnar Phases of Liquid Crystalline Ureas Possessing Chiral / Racemic Terminal GroupsK. Kishikawa; A. Akiyama; M. Miyu; K. Jido; T. Taniguchi; M. Kohri.

PD.138 – “New polar nematic materials with nitrogen-based electron donating groupT. Landovský; M. Cigl; N. Podoliak; V. Novotná.

PD.139 – “Tuning Aggregation in Liquid-Crystalline Squaraine ChromophoresF. Liu; T. Tan; U. Goran; G.H. Mehl; L. Sanliang.

PD.140 – “Mesomorphic properties of a new Flavylium derivative lyotropic systemR.G. Lobato; M.H. Godinho; J.L. Figueirinhas; N. Basílio; R.R. da Rosa; H. Carrêlo; M. Dionísio; A.J. Parola; M.T. Cidade.

PD.141 – “Polar-terminated 3,5-diarylisoxazoles liquid crystalsL.D. Lopes; L.P. Pavan; G.M. dos Santos; A.A. Merlo.

PD.142“Towards delayed fluorescence from liquid crystals: The mesogenic unit tris[1,2,4]triazolo[1,3,5]triazine in molecules with donor-acceptor structures” H.M. Luciano; H. Gallardo; H. Bock; F. Durola; I.H. Bechtold.

PD.143 – “Benzyloxy-terminated 3,5-diarylisoxazoles. Synthesis and Mesomorphic Characterization.A.A. Merlo; L.D. Lopes; L.P. Pavan; F. Faita; A.J. Bortoluzzi; I. Gonçalves; R.R. da Rosa.

PD.144 – “Bent-core liquid crystals with prolonged arm ended by a nitrophenyl group” V. Novotná; J. Svoboda; N. Podoliak; D. Pociecha; E. Górecka.

PD.145 – “Mesomorphic Property and Gelation Ability of Rod-shaped Compounds having a Coumarin SkeletonH. Okamoto; Y. Oku; Y. Kawamoto; W. Isozaki; Y. Morita.

PD.146 – “Mesophase diversity of bent-shaped dimers driven by enantiomeric purityA. Ožegović; A. Šimanović; A. Lesac.

PD.147 – “Synthesis of novel regioisomeric phenanthro[a]phenazine derivatives through SNAr strategy and their self-assembly into columnar phasesA. Patra; K. Swamynathan; S. Kumar.

PD.148 – “Phase situation and thermo-optical properties of mixtures of  (E)-4-((4-alkyloxyphenyl)diazenyl)phenyl alkanoates and chiral mesogensM. Piwowarczyk; E. Juszyńska-Gałązka; N. Osiecka-Drewniak; M. Gałazka; Z. Galewski.

PD.149 – “Calamitic and Discotic Mesomorphism of Conformationally Flexible Tricyanoacrylates of Trithiophenyl-1,3,5-TriazinesJ.G. Rothera; H. Taing; S.H. Eichhorn.

PD.150 – “Molecular Design of Side-Chain Free Calamitic Liquid Crystals Towards Organic Electronic ApplicationsJ.G. Rothera; R. Butrus; K. AlNajm; M.S. Alalani; S.H. Eichhorn.

PD.151 – “Synthesis and phase behavior of non-symmetric oxadiazole-based liquid crystals containing lateral methyl and halogen groups” B. Bordokas; I. Warner; R. Grate; A. Lisovsky; S. Lewis; G. Reyes; M. Tang; B. Walls; J. Cumberland; K. Thurman; F. Vita; F.C. Adamo; O. Francescangeli; E. Scharrer.

PD.152 – “Novel Soft Crystalline Phases with an Azulene Core –  A Promising Candidate for Organic ElectronicsF. Schulz; S. Laschat.

PD.153 – “Preparation of Chiral Dopants for Multifunctional Liquid Crystalline CompositesM. Šmahel; V. Novotná; M. Kohout.

PD.154 – “Pre-polymers for a smarter PDLC window with PMEJ. Sotomayor; J.L. Figueirinhas; A. Mouquinho.

PD.155 – “Synthesis and Mesomorphism of Anthraquinone Based BolaamphiphilesK. Swamynathan; I. Sivakumar; S. Kumar; V.V. Belyaev; D.N. Chausov.

PD.156 – “Synthesis and Characterization of Disulphide- and Thioether-linked Liquid Crystal DimerN. Tufaha; C.J. Gibb; C.T. Imrie; J.M.D. Storey.

PD.157 – “Columnar Mesomorphism in Heterocyclic Disc-Shaped Molecules: Synthesis and Self-Organization PropertiesM. Vadivel; S. Kumar.

E – Mathematical Modelling, Symmetry and Topology

PE.232 – “Unified Landau-de Gennes model of NTB, NS and NF phasesM. Čopič; N. Sebastian; A. Mertelj.

PE.233 – “Sedimentation of mass-polydisperse colloidal systemsT. Eckert; M. Schmidt; D. de las Heras.

PE.234 – “Free-surface topography of a Smectic-A liquid crystal sitting on a nano-patterned substrateA. Missaoui; A.L. Susser; J.A. Timothy; A. J. Ferris; C. Rosenblatt.

PE.235 – “Helical Flow States in Active NematicsR. Keogh; S. Chandragiri; B. Loewe; S. Thampi; T. Ala-Nissila; T.N. Shendruk.

PE.236 – “Electrically induced transformations of the cholesteric structure with tangential-conical boundary conditionsM. Krakhalev; O. Prishchepa; V. Sutormin; R. Bikbaev; I. Timofeev; V. Zyryanov.

PE.237 – “Hydrodynamics of Topological Defects in p-atic Liquid CrystalsD. Krommydas; L.N. Carenza; L. Giomi.

PE.238 – “Surface-Patterned Skyrmions: Pitch Frustration and Defect FormationA. Missaoui; A. Susser; C. Rosenblatt.

PE.239 – “Transition from Escaped to Decomposed Nematic Defects and vice versaA.L. Susser; S. Harkai; S. Kralj; C. Rosenblatt.

PE.240 – “Crystal-like Topological Defect Arrays in Nematic Liquid CrystalJ.-W. Tsung; Y.-Z. Wang; S.-K. Yao; S.-Y. Chao.

PE.241 – “Transition to Spatiotemporal Intermittency and Defect Turbulence in a liquid crystal light valve with translational optical feedbackM.G. Clerc; G. González-Cortés; F. Alvarez-Garrido.

PE.242 – “Morphological transition of labyrinthine patterns in frustrated chiral nematic liquid crystalsS. Echeverría-Alar; M.G. Clerc; G. González-Cortés.

PE.243 – “Dynamics of a sheared twist bend nematic liquid crystalP.K. Mylapalli; J. Karcz; P. Kula; S. Dhara.

PE.244 – “Pulse-train electric field driving of frustrated chiral nematics: Symmetry breaking and traveling waves.V.P. Panov; J. Yang; L.K. Migara; H.-J. Yoon; J.-K. Song.

PE.245 – “Marangoni convection within lens-like isotropic droplets in overheated free standing smectic filmsE.S. Pikina; M.A. Shishkin; B.A. Ostrovskii; S.A. Pikin.

PE.246 – “Dynamics of hard colloidal cuboids in the biaxial nematic phaseÁ. Rodríguez-Rivas; A. Patti; A. Cuetos.

PE.247 – “NMR studies of molecular dynamics in an antiferroelectric liquid crystal with the SmC𝑎* phase” M. Knapkiewicz; A. Rachocki; M. Bielejewski; P. J. Sebastião.

PE.248 – “Enhanced colloidal transport in periodic potentials twisted at a magic angleN.C.X. Stuhlmüeller; T.F. Fischer; D. de las Heras.

F – Novel Applications

PF.277 – “Liquid Crystal based bacterial infection biosensorG. Cavaco; M.S. Soares; I.R. Grilo; A.S. Pina; A.C. Roque; C. Marques; M. Miragaia; R.G. Sobral; P.L. Almeida.

PF.278 – “A Fluorescence Sensor for Pb2+ Detection Based on Liquid Crystals and Aggregation-Induced Emission Luminogens.X. Du; H.F. Gleeson; D. Luo.

PF.279 – “Chiral biaxial substrates for developing sensing systemsP. Castro-Garay; A. Teposte; D. Vargas-Hernández; J. Tanori-Córdova.

PF.280 – “Electro-optical properties according to the change of UV irradiation conditions on color PDLCS.-H. Choi; J.-A. Kim; H.-G. Park.

PF.281 – “Observation of anchoring energy of vertically aligned LCs using roll pattern of electroconvectionH.J. Choi; D.G. Ryu; J.-H. Huh; Y.-K. Kim; J.S. Gwag.

PF.282 – “Application of Nematic Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal for External Light Extraction of OLEDs” A. Gasonoo; H.-S. Ahn; S.-M. Lim; Y. Choi.

PF.283 – “Electro-optical properties of liquid crystal alignment layer according to mixing ratio of inorganic nanoparticlesJ.-A. Kim; S.-H. Choi; H.-G. Park.

PF.284 – “Reduction of threshold voltage and fast response speed in nanoparticles embedded VA-LCS. Kobayashi; A. Mochizuki.

PF.285 – “Liquid Crystal Fiber Electronic Gas SensorsD.M. Agra-Kooijman; C. Robb; Y. Guan; A. Jákli; J.L. West.

PF.286 – “Brightness Adaptive Liquid Crystal Display with Embedded Optical Sensor” C.P. Chen; J. Lu; W. Fan; Q. Chu; G. Li.

PF.287 – “Solution-Processed h-BN Film as an Excellent Alternative to Polymer Alignment Layer for Liquid Crystal DevicesG.R. Pisharody; P. Sahoo; S.D.S. Rao; H.S.S.R. Matte; K.S. Prasad.

PF.288 – “Electroconvection of Liquid Crystals for Window ShutterJ.W. Ryu; H.J. Choi; J.S. Gwag.

PF.289 – “An Anti-counterfeit technique using elastic properties of liquid crystalsJ.-S. Yu; J.-H. Kim.

PF.290 – “Tunable Liquid Crystal Metamaterial Structures for Photonic Applications” M. Abutoama; S. Barinova; M. Abu Aisheh; M. Abuleil; I. Abdulhalim.

PF.291 – “Cholesteric Liquid Crystals based Fiber-optic Temperature SensorS.Y. Ahn; G.H. Lee; Y.S. Kim; S. Pagidi; B.K. Choi; J.S. Kim; J.H. Kim; M.Y. Jeon.

PF.292 – “Active beam steering by cholesteric layer with tangential-conical boundary conditionsR. Bikbaev; M. Krakhalev; O. Prishchepa; V. Sutormin; I. Timofeev; V. Zyryanov.

PF.293 – “Light-controlled topological structures in frustrated chiral liquid crystalsN. Bruni; C. Loussert; M. Rafayelyan; T. Orlova; D. Coursault; E. Brasselet.

PF.294 – “Miniaturized metalens based optical tweezers on liquid crystal droplets for lab-on-a-chip optical motors” S. Suwannasopon; F. Meyer; C. Schlickriede; P. Chaisakul; J. T-Thienprasert; J. Limtrakul; T. Zentgraf; N. Chattham.

PF.295 – “High-Throughput Robotic Formulation of Polymer Stabilized Liquid Crystals Guided by In-line Optical CharacterizationE. Crenshaw; S. Wolf; K. Lee; M. McConney; N. Godman.

PF.296 – “Liquid crystal based high refractive index dielectric microstructures as tunable multi-functional metasurfaces” P. Sakhare; J. Dontabhaktuni.

PF.297 – “Tunable liquid crystal phase-only devices for non-mechanical applicationsM. García de Blas; J. Pereiro García; P. de la Rosa del Val; X. Quintana Arregui; M. Caño-García; M. Andreas Geday.

PF.298 – “Kinetic Trapping of Photonic Chiral Nematic Phase from Aqueous Anisotropic Hydroxypropyl Cellulose SolutionsK. George; M. Esmaeili; N. Taheri-Qazvini; M. Sadati.

PF.299 – “Optical modes of photonic structure containing nematic with abnormal electro-convective rollsV. Gunyakov; M. Krakhalev; I. Timofeev; V. Shabanov; V. Zyryanov.

PF.300 – “Electro-optics of the oblique helicoidal cholesteric studied at oblique incidence of lightO.S. Iadlovska; K. Thapa; M. Mrukiewicz; S.V. Shiyanovskii; O.D. Lavrentovich.

PF.301 – “Correlation between photoinduced charge and cell resistance in the LC cellM. Inoue; N. Oyabu; S. Kundu; H. Yokoyama.

PF.302 – “Graphene substrate-aided thermal stability and monodomain growth in a 3D soft photonic crystal N. Khatun; V. Sridurai; R. Pujar; M.B. Kanakala; C.S. Kumar; G.U. Kulkarni; C.V. Yelamaggad; G.G. Nair.

PF.303 – “Geometric-Phase Metalens to be Used for Tunable Optical Tweezers in Microfluidics” R. Geromel; R. Rennerich; T. Zentgraf; H.-S. Kitzerow.

PF.304 – “Electrically controlled 2 π terahertz wave phase shifter using aligned microfiber/ liquid crystal compositeT.N. Lang; Y. Inoue; H. Moritake.

PF.305 – “Time-resolved Circularly Polarized Photoluminescence Spectroscopy of Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Based on Oligo(phenylenevinylene) Unit” S. Morishita; M. Kunihiro; M. Funahashi; N. Tsurumachi.

PF.306 – “Calculation of Internal Electric Fields in Chiral Liquid Crystals using Berreman’s 4 ×4 Matrix Method R. Ozaki; K. Nakahiro.