Monday, July 25, 2022

Room: Grand Auditorium


Chair: Agnes Buka

PL-1 – “Active liquid crystals: order, fluctuations, flow, defects, and chiralityS. Ramaswamy.

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Chair: Corrie Imrie

ILK-1-GA – “Making Materials: Serendipity or Rational DesignJ.W. Goodby; S.J. Cowling.

DO-1 – “Nanostructured Liquid-Crystalline Materials for Water Treatment Membranes and Electrolytes for Lithium Ion BatteriesT. Kato.

DO-2 – “Network Formation and Transition from One  Dimensional to Three-Dimensional Liquid Crystalline Phases in Photosensitive PolycatenarsM. Alaasar; C. Tschierske; C. Yu; F. Liu.

DO-3 – “The Influence of Lateral Substituents on the Formation of the Ferroelectric Nematic PhaseE. Cruickshank; S. Brown; R. Walker; M. Majewska; A. Makal; D. Pociecha; E. Górecka; J.M.D. Storey; C.T. Imrie.

ILK-2-GA – “Intrinsically chiral ferronematic liquid crystalsE. Gorecka; D. Pociecha; R. Walker; E. Cruickshank; J. Szydlowska; P. Rybak; A. Makal; J. Matraszek; J.M. Wolska; J.M.D. Storey; C.T. Imrie; N. Vaupotic.



Chair: Mark Maclachlan

ILK-3-GA – “Elasticity and chirality in lyotropic nematic liquid crystalsF. Giesselmann; C.F. Dietrich; T. Sottmann; P. Rudquist; P.J. Collings.

DO-4 – “Impact of nanoparticles on the liquid crystalline orderC. Kyrou; I. Lelidis.

DO-5 – “Topological and physical characterization of doped liquid crystalsG. D’Alessandro; I. Membrillo-Solis; T. Orlova; N. Podoliak; N. Broukaert; J. Brodzki; M. Kaczmarek.

IL-4-GA – “A uniaxial ferroelectric smectic A phase and the smectic A to smectic Z phase transitionN.A. Clark; X. Chen; V. Martinez; P. Nacke; E. Korblova; A. Manabe; M. Klasen-Memmer; G. Freychet; M. Zhernenkov; M.A. Glaser; L. Radzihovsky; J.E. Maclennan; D.M. Walba; M. Bremer; F. Giesselmann.

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Chair: Pawel Pieranski

ILK-5-GA – “Dynamic Mechanical Interactions of Biological Vesicles and Cells with Liquid CrystalsN.L. Abbott.

AO-6 – “Nematic micro-robotics based on far-from-equilibrium topological defectsM.R. Ravnik; T.Y. Yao; Ž.K. Kos; Y.L. Luo; F.S. Serra; E.B.S Steager; K.J.S. Stebe.

AO-7 – “Spirals and asters direct supracellular organization in nematic tissuesP. Guillamat; C. Blanch-Mercader; K. Kruse; A. Roux.

ILK-6-GA – “Theory of director fluctuations about a hedgehog defectT.C. Lubensky; O. Stenull; A. de la Cotte; P.J. Collings; S. Ettinger; A.J. Yodh.


Poster Session I – Onsite (Ágora Room) + Online (Padlet and Zoom)

Room: Building IV – Amphitheater I


Chair: Helen Gleeson

ILK-1-AI – “Sunlight-driven smart windows with polymer/liquid crystal composites for autonomous control of  optical propertiesT. Ikeda; T. Ube; J. Imai; M. Yoshida; T. Fujisawa; H. Hasebe; H. Takatsu.

BO-1 – “Stabilized Stripe Domains in Nematic Elastomers with Dynamic PearlescenceT. Ohzono; H. Minamikawa; E.M. Terentjev.

BO-2 – “Exploitation of Nanospace in Columnar Liquid Crystals Composed of Shape-Persistent MacrocyclesS.I. Kawano; K. Tanaka.

BO-3 – “Entropy-Driven Formation of Smectic Phases with Rigid Rod-Like PolymersK. Okoshi.

IL-2-AI – “On the Liquid Crystal Ordering of Nucleic Acids  and its Intimate Connection to Watson-Crick PairingT. Bellini.



Chair: Tommaso Bellini

ILK-3-AI – “Liquid Crystal/Polymer Material SystemsT.J. Bunning; M.E. McConney; N.V. Tabirian; V.V. Tsukruk; D. Nepal.

BO-4 – “Isotropic liquid-crystalline epoxy-thiol vitrimersA. Gablier; M.O. Saed; E.M. Terentjev.

BO-5 – “Sharpening and Amplifying the Stimuli-Response of Liquid Crystalline Elastomers by Molecular EngineeringT.S. Hebner; J.M. McCracken; C.N. Bowman; T.J. White.

BO-6 – “Microscopic Actuation for Macroscopic AggregationM.K. Abdelrahman; L.K. Jang; M. Javed; S. Wang; T.H. Ware.

BO-7 – “Soft electricity-responsive liquid crystal polymer materials for switchable surfacesL.T. de Haan; G. Zhou.

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Chair: Eugene Terentjev

BO-8 – “Enhanced damping and adhesion in liquid-crystalline elastomersM.O. Saed; E.M. Terentjev.

BO-9 – “Electrically Controllable Holographic Colors and Patterns of Liquid Crystal GelsK.M. Lee; T.J. White; M.E. McConney; T.J. Bunning; N.P. Godman.

BO-10 – “One-Pot Synthesis of Melt-Processable Supramolecular Soft ActuatorsS.J.D. Lugger; D.J. Mulder; A.P.H.J. Schenning.

BO-11 – “Effect of Director Alignment on Ionic Liquid Crystal  Elastomer Based Organic Electrochemical TransistorsP.R. Paudel; C.P.H. Rajapaksha; P.M.S.G. Kodikara; D. Dahal; T.M. Dassanayake Mudiyanselage; V. Kaphle; B. Lussem; A. Jakli.

BO-12 – “Patterned liquid crystal elastomer coating with surface profile controlled by visible lightR. Koizumi; H. Wang; O.D. Lavrentovich.

BO-13 – “Mesogen alignment in liquid crystal elastomer (LCE) microparticles under mechanical stress:  experiments and simulationsC. Chen; V. Palacio-Betancur; S.J. Rowan; J.J. de Pablo.


Poster Session I – Onsite (Ágora Room) + Online (Padlet and Zoom)

Room: Building IV – Amphitheater II


Chair: Igor Musevic

IL-1-AII – “Rotation of Chiral LC Droplets Embedded in Lipid Monolayers Driven by Gas FlowY. Tabe.

AO-1 – “Chemistry of Liquid Crystalline MicrocapsulesY. Uchida; Y. Iwai; T. Akita; N. Nishiyama.

AO-2 – “Tuneable defect-curvature coupling and topological transitions in active shellsL.A. Hoffmann; L.N. Carenza; L. Giomi.

AO-3 – “Nematodynamic propulsion of pulsating bubbles in nematic liquid crystalsJ. Jeong; S.-J. Kim; ‪Ž. Kos; E. Um.

AO-4 – “Micro-swimmers activated by light at the nematic-isotropic interface of a liquid crystal A. Tavera-Vazquez; D. Montalvan-Sorrosa; N. Atzin; G. Perez-Lemus; V. Manoharan; J.J. de Pablo.

AO-5 – “Linear and non-linear optical studies on myelin figures doped with luminescent carbon nanodots D. Benkowska-Biernacka; S.G. Mucha; K. Matczyszyn.



Chair: Ivan Smalyukh

ILK-2-AII – “Computer Simulations of Nematic Droplets: Biaxial and Chiral Structures in Spherical ConfinementL.R. Evangelista.

EO-4 – “Structure factor of liquids and liquid crystalsE.I. Kats; A.R. Muratov.

EO-5 – “Analytic solutions to the two-dimensional inverse problem of deforming nematic elastomer surfacesD. Castro; H. Aharoni.

EO-6 – “Defect evolution in smectic-A to nematic phase transition at undulated surfacesJ.B.D.M. Garcia; M. O’Keefe; M.A. Gharbi; D.A. Beller.

EO-7 – “Mix and Match: Incommensurate Order Parameters, Phase Separation, and Client SegregationC.D. Modes.

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Chair: Ralf Stannarius

IL-3-AII – “Director Deformations, Geometric Frustration, and Modulated Phases in Liquid CrystalsJ.V. Selinger.

EO-8 – “Gravity-induced phase phenomena in plate-rod liquid crystalline colloidal mixturesD. de las Heras; T. Eckert; M. Schmidt.

EO-9 – ““Flocking” dynamics of active skyrmionsC.S. Dias; E. Gouveia; N.A.M. Araújo; M. Tasinkevych.

EO-10 – “Elementary Dislocations in Colloidal Smectics: in situ Visualization and Dynamics within the Defect CoreE. Grelet; A. Repula.

EO-11 – “Reconfigurable Networks of Nematic Topological DefectsS. Harkai; B.S. Murray; C. Rosenblatt; S. Kralj.


Poster Session I – Onsite (Ágora Room) + Online (Padlet and Zoom)

Room: Building IV – Amphitheater III


Chair: Peter Palffy-Muhoray

ILK-1-AIII – “A free discontinuity model for smectic thin filmsJ.M. Ball; G. Canevari; B. Stroffolini.

EO-1 – “Spontaneous Formation of Cubic PhasesK.M. Aoki; Y. Yamamura; S. Kutsumizu; K. Saito.

EO-2 – “Solution Landscapes of the Ericksen-Leslie Model and its Comparison with the Landau-de Gennes Model Y.H. Han.

EO-3 – “Curvature-induced effects in nematic shellsG. Napoli; O.V. Pylypovskyi; D.D. Sheka; L. Vergori.

IL-2-AIII – “Shape polarity, chirality and curvature as players in the behavior of nematicsA.F. Ferrarini; D.R. Revignas.



Chair: Kristiaan Neyts

ILK-3-AIII – “New Liquid Crystal Network Functionalities Using Chiral Fingerprint Dynamics D.J. Broer; D. Liu.

FO-1 – “Liquid Crystal Metasurfaces  for Versatile Electrically Tunable DiffractionA.V. Mamonova; M.V. Gorkunov; I.V. Kasyanova; V.V. Artemov; I.V. Simdyankin; A.R. Geivandov; S.P. Palto; A.A. Ezhov.

FO-2 – “Generation of Focused Optical Vortex with High Efficiency using Liquid Crystal Spiral Zone PlateY. T. Tsukamoto; H.Y. Yoshida; M.O. Ozaki.

FO-3 – “Chiral liquid crystal based holographic reflective lens for spectral detectionM. Stebryte; J. Beeckman; K. Neyts.

FO-4 – “Liquid crystal microcavities for topological photonics: control over the spin-orbit coupling of lightJ. Szczytko.

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Chair: José Luis Serrano

DO-6 – “Nano-Micro Liquid Crystal Composites for Fast Modulation and Smart Window ApplicationsI. Abdulhalim; L.M. Pappu; S. Barinova; M. Abu Aisheh; M.J. Abuleil; R.J. Martín-Palma; Z.M.A. Judeh.

DO-7 – “Effects of rotating and oscillating fields on the isotropic and ferromagnetic nematic phases of BaHF nanoplateletsH. Nádasi; M. Küster; F. Ludwig; N. Sebástian; P. Hribar Boštjančič; D. Lisjak; A. Mertelj; A. Eremin.

DO-8 – “An unusual plank-shaped nematogen with a graphene nanoribbon coreI.H. Bechtold; G. Farias; E. Girotto; A.P. Monkman; J. Eccher; H. Bock; B. Souza.

DO-9 – “Nanoparticle-Enabled Ionic Effects in Liquid CrystalsY. Garbovskiy.

IL-4-AIII – “Marriage of bicontinuous and micellar cubic liquid crystals –Single network cubics and beyond C. Tschierske; S. Poppe; M. Poppe; C. Chen; F. Liu; H. Lu; X. B. Zeng; G. Ungar.


Poster Session I – Onsite (Ágora Room) + Online (Padlet and Zoom)

Room: Building IV – Amphitheater IV


Chair: Peter Collings

ILK-1-AIV – “Fertile metastabilityP. Pieranski; M.H. Godinho.

CO-1 – “Influence of quantum dots on the optical properties of a room temperature cholesteric liquid crystalM.C. Chemingui; D.Y. Yang; Y.W. Wang; W.C. Cai; I. Drevensek-Olenik; X.Z. Zhang; J.X. Xu.

CO-2 – “Flexible Normally Transparent Smart Window Modulating Penetrating Near-infrared Under Ambient ConditionsY. Liu.

CO-3 – “Magnetic tilting in ferronematic hybrid materials driven by self-assemblyA. Eremin; M. Hähsler; H. Nádasi; M. Feneberg; S. Marino; F. Giesselmann; S. Behrens.

CO-4 – “Monitoring LC behavior of Colloidal Nanorods  via Polarized Luminescence of Rare-Earth DopantsJ.K. Kim.

CO-5 – “Bright, Non-Iridescent Structural Coloration from Nematic Clay Nanosheet SuspensionsP.H. Michels-Brito; V. Dudko; D. Wagner; P. Markus; G. Papastavrou; L. Michels; J. Breu; J.O. Fossum.



Chair: Alexey Eremin

CO-6 – “Necklace Structure Made of Nematic Liquid-CrystalY. Takenaka; M. Škarabot; I. Muševič.

CO-7 – “The effect of salt and sonication on cellulose nanocrystal particle morphology for photonic, cholesteric materialsD.V. Saraiva; L. Tran.

CO-8 – “Colloidal Self-Assembly in Cholesteric Host FluidsH.H. Wensink.

CO-9 – “Star-like structures with nematic organization from self-assembled colloidal rods in 2D confinementA. Zavala-Martinez; A. Repula; E. Grelet.

IL-2-AIV – “Giant Director Fluctuations in Nematic Liquid Crystal Drops with a Radial Director ConfigurationP.J. Collings; A. de la Cotte; O. Stenull; S. Ettinger; T.C. Lubensky; A.G. Yodh.

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Chair: Patrick Davidson

CO-10 – “Self-assembly, phase behavior, and adhesive potential of  cellulose nanocrystal – BSA amyloid compositesK.J. De France; N. Kummer; S. Campioni; G. Nystrom.

CO-11 – “Coarsening dynamics of quasi 2D emulsions in free-standing smectic filmsC. Klopp; T. Trittel; R. Stannarius.

CO-12 – “Surface Tension and Viscoelastic Properties of Ultra-thin Liquid Crystal Films at the SmA-N Transition by Surface Light Scattering SpectroscopyA.S. Visco; H.A. Alwusaydi; A.E. Smart; W.V. Meyer; A.I. Belgovskiy; J.A. Mann; E.K. Mann.

CO-13 – “Gigantic anchoring-mediated topographical variations in thin nematic filmsT. J. Atherton; A. Ferris; C. Rosenblatt.

CO-14 – “Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal films doped with carbon nanotubes: electric, electro-optical properties and modelingD. Manaila-Maximean; O. Danila; V.A. Loiko; A. Konkolovich; A. Miskevich; C.P. Ganea; L. Frunza; V. Cîrcu; A. Barar.

CO-15 – “Directed Self-Assembly and Post-Assembly Modification of Functional Blue-Phase Liquid CrystalsT.E. Emeršič; K.B. Bagchi; J.A. Martínez-González; P.F. Nealey; J.J. de Pablo.


Poster Session I – Onsite (Ágora Room) + Online (Padlet and Zoom)