Friday, July 29, 2022

Room: Grand Auditorium


Chair: Alenka Mertelj

PL-5 – “Envisioning Future Video DisplaysS.T. Shin.

Coffee Break


Chair: Linda Hirst

ILK-16-GA – “Computer Simulations of Nematic Droplets: Biaxial and Chiral Structures in Spherical ConfinementL.R. Evangelista.

EO-29 – “Evolution of periodic cholesteric structure with planar-conical boundary conditions in electric fieldO. Prishchepa; M. Krakhalev; V. Rudyak; V. Sutormin; V. Zyryanov.

EO-30 – “Topological states and transitions in flowing nematicsU. Tkalec; T. Emeršič; R. Zhang; S. Čopar; Ž. Kos; J.J. de Pablo.

EO-31 – “Rheological Behavior of Shape-Changing LC Drop SuspensionsC.G. Slaughter; Z. Liu; W-S. Wei; C. Osuji; A.G. Yodh.

EO-32 – “Electric field induced surface instability in a ferroelectric nematic materialM.T. Máthé; A. Buka; A. Jákli; P. Salamon.

EO-33 – “Orientational transition in nanobridges of nematic liquid crystals in slit pores.J.M. Romero-Enrique; L.F. Rull.

IL-17-GA – “Modelling Surface Plasmon Spectra of an ITO Nano-Ribbon Grating Adjacent to a Liquid Crystal LayerV.Y. Reshetnyak; V.I. Zadorozhnii; I.P. Pinkevych; T.J. Bunning; D.R. Evans.


Closing ceremony



Room: Building IV – Amphitheater I


Chair: Wei Lee

IL-10-AI – “Recent progress in large aperture liquid crystal lenses” A. Pusenkova; O. Sova; T. Galstian.

FO-32 – “High Open Circuit Voltage in Double Chiral Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals Comprising an Extended π-Conjugated UnitM. Funahashi; Y. Mori; Y. Matoba.

FO-33 – “Non-classic quasi-phase-matching of nonlinear three-wave-mixing realized by helielectric nematicsS. Aya; M. Huang; X. Zhao; H. Xu; R. Xia; J. Kougo; H. Long.

FO-34 – “Label-Free Bioassay Based on a Nematic Aqueous Solution of a Food Coloring DyeH. Shaban; M.-J. Lee; W. Lee.

FO-35 – “Controlling Tamm Plasmons with Liquid CrystalsO. Buchnev; A. Belosludtsev; V. Reshetnyak; D.R. Evans; A.V. Fedotov.

FO-36 – “Liquid Crystal-Based Single-Substrate Biosensors as Next-Generation Point-of-Care Testing DevicesM.-J. Lee; W. Lee.

FO-37 – “The Design of Novel Liquid Crystal Droplets as BiosensorsA.A. Parry; D.A. Paterson; P. Bao; J.C. Jones; S.A. Peyman; J. Sandoe; R. Bushby; S.D. Evans; H.F. Gleeson.

FO-38 – “Human-undetectable coatings with information encoded for IR/UV read-out using cholesteric spherical reflector shellsY. Geng; H. Agha; R. Kizhakidathazhath; X. Ma; D.I. Avşar; J.P.F. Lagerwall.

Room: Building IV – Amphitheater II


Chair: Jon Fossum

DO-38 – “Cementing Agent”: On Lignin’s Interplay with an Oriented Cellulosic Mesophase F.R. Gleuwitz; G. Sivasankarapillai; M.-P. Laborie.

AO-19 – “Co-Revolving Topological Defects in a Nematic Liquid CrystalA.L. Susser; S. Kralj; C. Rosenblatt.

AO-20 – “Studies of some bio-inspired Liquid CrystalsL. Amaral.

AO-21 – “Liquid Crystals in BiomineralizationJ.H.E. Cartwright.

AO-22 – “Structure and local order of lyotropic cholesteric calamitic phases: The effect of the chiral molecule” O.R. Santos; D. Reis; A.G. Oliveira-Filho; C.L.P. Oliveira; A.M. Figueiredo Neto.

AO-23 – “Topological Defects in Cell Monolayers” K. Endresen; M.S. Kim; M. Pittman; Y. Chen; F. Serra.

AO-24 – “Order and disorder in DNA toroidsK. Vertchik; C. Messaoudi; S. Trépout; A. Leforestier.

ILK-9-AII – “Biomimetic colour engineering form nature to applicationsS. Vignolini.

Room: Building IV – Amphitheater III


Chair: Emmanuelle Lacaze

CO-37 – “New structure formation induced by nano-scale phase separation composed of a bent-core liquid crystal and rod-like cholesteric liquid crystal mixturesY. Takanishi; F. Araoka; H. Iwayama.

CO-38 – “Electrically controlled topological micro cargo transportation” A.S. Bhadwal; N.J. Mottram; A. Saxena; I.C. Sage; C.V. Brown; .

CO-39 – “Geometrical control of colloidal liquid crystal alignment and dynamicsE.I.L. Jull; G. Campos-Villalobos; M. Dijkstra; L. Tran.

CO-40 – “Convertible generation of localized umbilicsN. Kravets; E. Brasselet.

CO-41 – “The Effect of the Buried Surface on the Structure and the Transport of Charges in Liquid Crystal Organic PhotovoltaicsL.J. Martinez-Miranda; M.F. Borunda.

CO-42 – “Viscoelastic effects of a local flow in nematic liquid  crystals by a single rotating particleJ.Y. Lee; J.H. Lee; B. I. Lev; J.H. Kim.

CO-43“The effect of salt and sonication on cellulose nanocrystal particle morphology for photonic, cholesteric materials” D.V. Saraiva; L. Tran.

IL-13-AIII – “The intricate dance of topological defects in confined active nematics” M. Clairand; C. Doré; J. Hardoüin; A. Mozaffari; Z. Rui; J. de Pablo; J. Ignés-Mullol; F. Sagués; T. Lopez-Leon.

Room: Building IV – Amphitheater IV


Chair: Matthias Lehmann

ILK-8-AIV – “Responsive Photonic Materials from Colloidal Liquid CrystalsM.J. MacLachlan.

DO-39 – “Fluorenone imidazolium salts as novel de Vries materialsA.R. Raab; K. Bader; C. Müller; Y. Molard; A. Baro; P. Ehni; J. Knelles; S. Laschat.

DO-40Stimuli-Responsive Ionic Liquid Crystals: Synthesis, Characterization and ApplicationA.F.M. Santos; C. Cruz; M.H. Godinho; J.L. Figueirinhas; M. Dionísio; L.C. Branco.

DO-41 – “Lyotropic Liquid Crystal Phase Behavior of High Molar Mass Reverse Poloxamers and their Use as Structure-Directing Agents” C. Vogler; S. Itzigehl; S. Naumann; J. R. Bruckner.

DO-42 – “The subtle importance of collective motions on isotropic magnetic and non-magnetic ionic liquid systemsM.J. Beira; R. Cordeiro; C. Cruz; J.L. Figueirinhas; P.J. Sebastião.

DO-43 – “Photoalignment and giant SHG response in a ferroelectric nematic phase and its mixtures with the NTB compoundsE.E. Zavvou; P.K. Karahaliou; A.G. Vanakaras; O. Haba; M. Bremer; A. Eremin.

IL-9-AIV – “Solid State Structures as Inspiration for the Design of Luminescent Liquid Crystals: Turning a Poor Catalyst into Highly Emissive Soft MatterS. Laschat.